This Tranquil Retreat in Tagaytay is Perfect for A Weekend Escape

Don’t we all need a quick escape every single weekend? I’m sure that if you’re enjoying a day-to-day job, the weekend comes with a dire need for a relaxing getaway. Planning to take a short trip somewhere to recharge? Tagaytay is one of the destinations that are more open than others in light of the current travel restrictions.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay in Tagaytay, we’d recommend T House Tagaytay! It’s a tranquil escape that doesn’t just offer a room and a bed, but the full wellness experience.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

T House Tagaytay is located right by the main road, so it’s definitely accessible no matter which mode of transportation you’re using. It boasts of a huge property that’s covered by lots and lots of lush trees. We just love how we’re instantly surrounded by nature just by stepping into the property.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

This particular hotel isn’t like the usual hotels you’d see in the cities with high buildings and cramped up rooms right next to each other. The rooms at T House are arranged around the property like small houses in a tiny town. It’s perfect for physical distancing.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

As mentioned, T House is not just a simple bed & breakfast—it offers a completely relaxing experience.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

They offer a variety of massages thanks to their in-house spa: Tranquilite. You can either have a massage in the spa or right in the comfortable bed of your room. After the last year we had, I’m pretty sure you’re already in desperate need of a full-body massage right now.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

They also offer scrumptious meals at the Hiraya Cafe, which is also open to the public. So, whether you’re checked-in or not, you can enjoy the whimsical Filipino food offered at Hiraya Cafe. T House takes pride in offering delicious Filipino fusion dishes created by their in-house chef: Chef Mikey del Rosario. They’ve got insanely good brick-oven pizzas in Pinoy flavors like sisig!

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To top off the whole experience, there’s also an outdoor pool that’s tucked away for a serene swim. Plus, they also offer tea and cookies everyday!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

What I really loved about staying at T House Tagaytay is how they really lived up to the tranquility that they offer. Its simplicity and oneness with nature are exactly what made their place so relaxing.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway for the upcoming Valentine’s weekend, T House is also offering a romantic Valentine’s package!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres


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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Their overnight all-inclusive package includes accommodation for two, pre-dinner cocktails for two, a 2-course breakfast, a 4-course set lunch and dinner, and a 90-minute full-body massage for two. They also have a two-night all-inclusive package that includes everything that’s mentioned plus another 30-minute massage session for two.

T House Tagaytay is a great option for a quick weekend escape that will get you recharged for the coming week. Perfect for a romantic getaway, too!

T House Tagaytay

3195 Calamba Rd., Tagaytay City
(632) 8788 7354