SWIPE WRITE: A 3-Day Course on Writing and Producing Movies to Love, with Love

Everyone knows that “aha!” feeling of coming across a random idea for a film, more so if you’re naturally inclined to the art of storytelling and filmmaking. For most of us, this is but a fleeting moment of daydreams taken too far or mere stories we play out in our heads when we should be doing something else.

For some, however, this is a lifeline to that sought-after “break”. Whether you relate to the former or the latter, it’s a frustrating thing to not know what to do with an idea you believe can move people.

To provide a space for these like-minded storytellers to thrive and commune, the adobo creative hub presents SWIPE WRITE: A 3-day Course on Writing and Producing Movies to Love, with Love. It basically aims to answer all of our questions on screenwriting and filmmaking.

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Happening on September 19 (Thursday), September 23 (Monday), and September 25 (Wednesday), the 6PM-10PM 3-day workshop covers what it takes to be a screenwriter and producer for film. The comprehensive course starts from the very grassroots of story conceptualization, a screening, and dissection of films written and/or produced by the mentors themselves, and wraps up with an opportunity to pitch film stories to a panel of judges.

The mentors who will provide this hands-on learning experience for the participants are two well-renowned independent filmmakers in the Philippines, Moira Lang and Coreen “Monster” Jimenez.

Moira has worked on several films that are known internationally such as “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”, “Zombadings 1: Patayin si Shokoy si Remington!”, and “Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Monster, on the other hand, is a writer and filmmaker who has worked in newspapers, magazines, television, and film.

In 2003, she joined ARKEOFILMS, an independent film production company where she remains a partner.

She’s worked on several films that have garnered international acclaim such as “Kano: An American and His Harem”, “Apocalypse Child”, and “Respeto” to name a few.

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The 3-day schedule is as follows:

DAY 1, SEPT 19: Getting Started
Writing and producing movies in the Philippines: Where do you start? How? And perhaps most importantly: Why?
Film Showing: Patay Na Si Jesus

DAY 2, SEPT 23: What’s Your Story?
The process of creating and crafting stories for film.
Film Showing: Apocalypse Child

DAY 3, SEPT 25: Pitching & Graduation Day
Be prepared to pitch your story.
Drinks, and more stories!

SWIPE WRITE will be hosted at adobo creative hub, 2295 Chino Roces Avenue Extension (https://goo.gl/maps/JdZyLFu655vgTnkq9). For a regular rate of Php 7,500.00, the workshop rate is inclusive of dinner, complete module, film screening, and certificate of completion.

Register here: https://www.adobomagazine.com/product/adobo-talks-swipe-write

If you want to learn more, follow adobo creative hub on Facebook at facebook.com/adobocreativehub/, or on Instagram at instagram.com/adobocreativehub

Full event details can also be found on the official SWIPE WRITE Facebook event page at facebook.com/events/417384728896722