Sustainable Style Unleashed: Bayo Group’s Glorietta Store Redefines Fashion Chic

In a world that felt like it hit pause, the Bayo Group hit play on innovation. Amid the pandemic’s challenges, when possibilities seemed limited, the Bayo Group didn’t just adapt – they thrived. From beloved Filipino brands like Bayo, Viseversa, and Tela, a new multi-brand store was born, bringing together chic, contemporary, and conscientious fashion under one digital roof.

Bayo Groups multi brand store in Glorietta 3

But this isn’t your ordinary online shopping space. The threads that tie these brands together go beyond style – they’re woven with a commitment to sustainability. As the world’s concern for the environment grew, so did the Bayo Group’s dedication to eco-conscious design. From the circular business model of Bayo’s “Journey to Zero” initiative to Tela’s innovative fabric solutions and Viseversa’s stylish simplicity, these brands walk the talk of sustainability.

And now, stepping out from the digital realm into Glorietta’s vibrant physical space, the Bayo Group continues their sustainable journey. The flagship store isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s an experience. Natural materials, repurposed displays, and eco-friendly practices are woven into every corner. From locally sourced products to recycling textile cut-offs, every step screams “earth-friendly.”

Bayo Groups multi brand store in Glorietta 6

Wander through the 200 sqm haven that houses Bayo, Tela, and Viseversa, and you’ll find marble, abaca, and creativity at play. Beyond sustainable practices, the store seamlessly marries in-person and online shopping. Interactive fitting rooms and online-to-in-store pick-ups blur the lines between clicks and bricks.

The store launch was a celebration of Filipino creativity and culture. Interactive brand booths, prize wheels, and pledges for sustainability brought joy and purpose together. Bayo’s cultural craftsmanship, Tela’s sustainable impact, and Viseversa’s modern simplicity took center stage, sending a powerful message: Fashion can be fabulous and mindful.

So, if you’re ready to dance to the beat of chic, contemporary, and conscientious fashion, come on down to the Bayo Group’s Glorietta store. It’s not just a store; it’s a shared destination where style meets sustainability, and fun meets purpose.