Surfer’s Point Deck: This Secret Party in La Union is the New Talk of the Town

Don’t you hate it when people spill secrets? You probably do; but when it’s about a secret party, you probably always want ALL the details ASAP! The famous surf town San Juan in La Union has a reputation for throwing sick parties that millennial weekend warriors look forward to after a week of hard work and a challenging day of surfing. You have probably heard of the party hostel by Urbiztondo Beach by now, but what you probably haven’t heard of is this secret party hosted by Surfer’s Point Deck that is the new talk of the town.

We can’t tell you when Surfer’s Point Deck’s Secret Party happens because they don’t actually tell anyone when it’s going to be. You might hear about it at lunch when everyone’s talking about their plans for the day, or when you’re sitting on your surfboard waiting for the waves at sun down or maybe even when you pass by Surfer’s Point Deck and locals invite you to go. They never tell anyone about it because that way, the thrill of thought will always be there. That makes it even more exciting!

Brace yourselves! Food photos coming in 3… 2… 1!

Bay-bay’s Seafood Feast (Php999 with unlimited rice and 2L of iced tea)

Surfer’s Point Deck’s Tuna Belly and Panga

Surfer Point Deck’s Tuna Panga (Php380-580)

Surfer’s Point Deck’s Tuna Belly (Php240)

Gaijin Ramen’s Katsudon and Miso Ramen (starts at Php230 for a regular bowl)

Crackle’s Spring Chicken (Php380)

Surfer’s Kebab (starts at Php90)

Chef Amari’s Lemon Chicken and Bone Marrow

Surfer’s Point Deck All Day Breakfast (Php150)

Tagpuan’s Rice Bowls

Surfer’s Point Deck just opened late last year and they’re not only know for their secret party but also for the amazing food booths that they have! They serve all-day breakfast to perk up your day, a bowl of comfort by Gaijin Ramen and Donburi, all things fried by Crackles, steaks and seafood for a fancier dining experience, tasty Kebabs, seafood for boodle fight by Baybay Seafood and Grill, and of course, everyone’s perfect companion after a hot day at the beach – beers colder than your ex! At least these stuff won’t tell you they don’t love you anymore after three months. Haha!

San Juan has great food, yeah; but for weekend warriors like us, it may be a challenge to find great food without going over our budget. Luckily, we found Surfer’s Point Deck. Since it’s pretty new, not a lot of people know about this place yet; but when people pass by, they can’t help but notice this place’s charm. With colorful tables and chairs by the beach and bean bags that people can chill on, you and your friends are sure to enjoy the place. It has a very chill vibe with light and easy music that gives off good vibes.

Aside from their secret parties, awesome food, and happy vibes; they also have newly-constructed rooms that are very clean and comfortable – perfect for couples, friends, and even families! The rooms may be small as they only have the essentials to ensure efficiency; but nevertheless, we had a comfortable stay considering that they just opened and are still in the works. The best part about staying at Surfer’s Point Deck? It’s right in front of the beach! Imagine hearing the waves crashing, and smelling the ocean’s breeze the moment you wake up. That’s how it’s like to stay at Surfer’s Point Deck.

Surfer’s Point Deck has it all: rooms with comfortable beds, amazing yet affordable food, a chill vibe by the sea, and even secret parties! Don’t miss out!

Surfers Point Deck

Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union



Instagram: @surfers_point_deck


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