Supremo Offers Unlimited Shots for Only 300 Pesos

No, this isn’t a seasonal promo! Right at the heart of Intramuros lies a stall in a night market called Supremo where you can avail of unlimited shots for only 300 pesos – yes, only 300 pesos!

You won’t see the typical cocktails that most bars offer here. They offer special flavors such as coffee and Jell-o. Moreover, they have a playful way of serving alcohol: through test tube shots, syringe shots, and a whopping cocktail grenade that will really start the party. With these creative presentations, your night is bound to be extra fun.

Unli tequila shots? Check!

Chuckie won’t be your only chocolate-y buddy

Jell-o shots are not for the mellow

Like coffee? You’ll love these flaming shots

Make your drinking games more fun with these syringe shots

Test Tube cheers!

If you want to drink a lot, you and your barkada have to try Supremo’s Hose Game. Basically, they’re going to lift up a keg with a hose for you to chug on until you drop. This, I tell you, is the ultimate Supremo experience!

Of course, all of these drinks are best paired with food! They have a menu where you can order some pika-pika for a more enjoyable time.

Our favorite is their Chicharon Bulaklak. This famous street delicacy is deep fried upon every order to ensure that it arrives at your table warm and undeniably crispy. If you already love this sinful treat, I assure you that it tastes even better when you’ve had something to drink.

They also have Chicken Wings that are great to munch on while drinking. The saltiness of the chicken really balances out the liquor; they’re almost like a chaser! They come in two flavors: classic and garlic parmesan.

Get all of this at Intramuros Night Market. You may think of historic places or a feel of the Spanish Era when you hear the word ‘Intramuros’, but it also has a lively side that’s very popular among residents, students, and workers in the area.

The night market has several stalls with cuisine ranging from Japanese to Filipino. However, with unlimited shots for just Php300 and pika-pika to die for, Supremo tops them all in my opinion. Time to invite the barkada and get those unlimited shots until you drop!

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