Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi for Unisilver Time: A Must-Have for Every Suplado

When in Manila, take your suplado factor to the next level. Get your very own Suplado Watch! Created from the highly-sellable concept of the ‘suplado’ campaign of Stanley Chi, Suplado watch is a must-have accessory for every certified suplado and suplada out there. It makes you feel like you’ve got added swagger going on. If it works for simple, nerdy college-boy crush turned sexy, hard-to-get hottie Stanley Chi, it will definitely work for you too!  






Sometimes, supladoness is not just about how you act; it’s also how you carry yourself. With that, you’ve got to have the right accessories to complete your ‘suplado’ look. And with that, Unisilver Time created this Suplado Watch especially designed for all the suplados and supladas out there. It’s a statement watch that when worn, makes you feel like you can show off without even saying anything.





Suplado Watch in Black



Believe it or not, this watch may actually work wonders in your daily life. You’d definitely drive those girls wild seeing you wear your Unisilver Suplado Watch with pride. It adds a little more confidence to the wearer. In fact, students can also wear this watch too. Who knows, this watch may have that effect of warding off bullies and other ‘unwanted elements’ in and out of the school lol. Even at work, stand out from your dull officemates and impress that hottie by seeing this arm candy on you. The possibilities are endless actually!






Suplado Watch in White



So get yourself a new Suplado Watch and get that irresistible suplado appeal!



The Suplado Watch by Stanley Chi is now available at unisilvertime.com and all UniSilver Time stores nationwide.


For more of Stanley Chi’s ‘Suplado Tips’ and other kooky ideas, visit www.stanleychi.net.


“Mr. Suplado” Stanley Chi and host-actress Iya Villania talk about the latest Suplado Watch for Unisilver Time