Superlux HD661: The most affordable professional monitoring headphones ever

When In Manila and you’re starting off work as a sound engineer, editor, producer or even a musician yourself. Of course you need to build your professional equipment from the floor up right? Not all of us have that humongous budget to build an ultra pro recording studio specially if  you’re still an aspiring band or musician. That’s definite. I actually began my audiophile hobby by buying cheap but good earphones, headphones, portable amplifiers and audio cables. The so called “budget meals”. From there, I began building my gears and collections from the ground up. And when I heard about these Superlux HD661 headphones, I couldn’t believe for the price of P1990.00 you already get professional monitoring headphones. It’s like buying a budget meal headphone again! But with this one, oh boy, expect Superlux to have that amazing affordable price and yet, have a giant killer performance.

Is it me or do I hear “Sexy and I know it” playing?




Packaging: The Superlux HD661 comes in an effortly made packaging which is very very well done even for it’s price. The Superlux HD661 comes in a cardboard box with a 6.3mm adapter, 1 meter cable and a 3 cable meter which you can choose from depending on your need. May it be for music listening, or for studio/recording use. Yes, you guessed it right, the Superlux HD661 has a detachable cable! Hell Yeah! +1 again to Superlux for that. Now you can easily change the cable to a higher grade cable if you want to tweak the sound more. Of course that is very optional since having a high grade cable for this might cost the same amount you bought the Superlux HD661 for. A cable might even come-out more expensive than the Superlux HD661 themselves hah! The whole package also contains a carrying carrying for the Superlux HD661. I love how Superlux included a carrying bag. Most headphones don’t come with any pouch at all and those are at thrice or twice the price of these.

 Yep, it’s on top of the pouch. I actually didn’t know the pouch was the one under. 




Build/Design: I love how they form similar to most monitoring headphones and yet, have a cool nicely polished design.  They look semi-professional yet cool at the same time. Instead of the usual adjustable cups on these headphones, they opt again for the wing design, which I find more stylish and a more snug fit. The Superlux HD661 is mostly made out of plastic, but they look and feel very durable. I highly doubt that they will break easily. I kind of thought that the ear pads are a little small when I saw them out of the box. But upon testing them, my ears fit right inside both cups. I’m not really a fan of supra-aural headphones (on the ear headphone types). So I’m pretty glad that even though the cups seem a little small for me, they give a good fit around my ears.

 Excuse me as I giggle around the corner like a girl who got an awesome shopping sale hihi! 




Sound Quality: 

  • Driver 40 mm, neodymium
  • Sensitivity102 dB SPL (1mW) at 1KHz
  • Frequency Response 10 – 20,000 Hz
  • Maximum Input Power 200 mW
  • Rated Impedance 68 @ 1KHz
  • Earpad Leatherette
  • Connector Stereo mini jack (3.5mm)
  • Net Weight 190 g (6.7 oz)

These Superlux HD661 are known to have a similar signature to the widely acclaimed Sony 7506 Professional Monitor Headphones and they definitely do stand the mark. Just unbelievable. for the price of P1990, it us up par to the Sony 7506 and I actually prefer these more over the Sony 7506 because of the more aggression, open and intimate feel they characterize over the flatter sounding Sony 7506. These are not dark headphones. They have more treble and maybe too piercing to those who like dark sounding headphones. But that’s definitely just preference. This is a very well balanced headphone. I was able to try the Superlux HD668b before and these Superlux HD661 are definitely much more wow factor than the aforementioned Superlux HD668b, which was already such a wow factor through price to performance ratio. Comparing the Superlux HD661 to the Sony 7506, the 7506 has more subtle sub-bass while the Superlux HD661 had a slight more bass impact. But overall, I find the 7506 to be a more bassier headphone. Moving the Superlux HD 661 to Jazz music or vocal music and they truly shine. I was playing the same Jazz Soundtrack last night on repeat since they just sound fantastic on these Suprelux HD661. Overall, I find the Superlux HD661 to have a more musical sound over the more refined Sony 7506. But oh man, for the price of P1990? These are definitely the most bang for the buck headphone EVER! Throw in a dark sounding portable amplifier into the mix and these Superlux HD661 bring out more.

 Wing system over the adjustable headband. Gah I felt like Batman saying that.




 You don’t get to see detachable cables often. Specially at this price point. Good job Superlux!




 Definitely the most bang for the buck headphone I have ever encountered! 




Thank you once again to XTCorporation and Superlux Philippines for the Superlux HD661!

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Superlux HD661: The most affordable professional monitoring headphones ever


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