Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist was abused, here’s her story…

On TV, Melissa Benoist plays the role of a superhero. In real life tho, Melisa Benoist has recently revealed her experience of being a domestic violence survivor. The Supergirl star released an Instagram video titled, “Life Isn’t Always What It Seems,” where she first opened up about being a survivor of IPV or Intimate Partner Violence.

In the video, Benoist says, “I learned what it felt like to be pinned down and slapped repeatedly, punched so hard I felt the wind go out of me, dragged by my hair across the pavement, head-butted, pinched until my skin broke, slammed against the wall so hard the drywall broke, choked.”

Benoist did not name the abuser but she described the person as “charming, funny, manipulative and devious.” She said that in the beginning, he became a friend who made her laugh and feel less alone, special, worthwhile; but when they started dating, it became a “0 to 60mph catapult.”

According to her, her ex gets jealous when she interacted with other men that she began turning down auditions, job offers, test deals, and friendships in order to not disappoint him. Then, “his controlling nature eventually turned violent about five months into the relationship.”

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At the end of the video, she makes sure to let other victims know that there is a way out and thanked everyone who watched her video in a separate post, encouraging people to come forward about assault and abuse.

Melissa Benoist is currently married to Chris Wood who has been her co-actor in Supergirl.

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