Super Pinoy Store Offers Uniquely Filipino Gift Ideas for Christmas

Looking for unique gift ideas to give your family, friends, and colleagues this Christmas? Super Pinoy Store has Christmas offerings called Paskong BUYanihan that you simply need to check out! As part of their mission in supporting Filipino products and entrepreneurs, they have put together gift packages wrapped in proudly Filipino packaging that anyone is sure to appreciate and love.

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Before Super Pinoy Store came about, there was Super Tuyo, the famous gourmet tuyo in a bottle. It has always been their goal to establish a store that offers the product along with other locally-made products. The opportunity to do so came about during quarantine, a time where a lot of Filipinos became entrepreneurs by selling their own food products.

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Super Pinoy Store supports these new businesses and promising products while promoting “BUYanihan” at the same time by serving as an additional sales channel for new entrepreneurs to feature and sell their products online. Their goal was to contribute to the economy in the midst of the pandemic – and that is exactly what they have been doing. Now, quality products are more accessible with just a few clicks.

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With so many locally made products out there, how did they decide which ones to partner with? Well, they chose their products based on what’s new, what’s unique, and what’s trending on social media nowadays. Of course, they also made sure that all of their available products are of top quality. Moreover, they make sure to offer products that represent different regions and provinces in the Philippines.

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This Christmas, Super Pinoy Store offers unique gift ideas called Paskong BUYanihan, where you can choose different products and combinations from their catalogue based on the recipients’ preferences and your budget. Even their Christmas packaging is proudly Filipino made in the form of bayong, tampipi and abaca baskets (which all come with the packages for free) as their way to support proudly Filipino-made products. Not only will you make people happy by choosing to give these gifts; you’ll also help out in a big way!

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Super Pinoy Store delivers all around the Metro via their own Super Pinoy Riders and partner riders. They can also ship nationwide via their partner couriers so you can order these awesome local gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, no matter where they might be in the country.

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Buying local products is an opportunity to taste amazing delicacies from every region of the Philippines and that’s what Super Pinoy Store is trying to do: make all of these amazing Filipino products available and accessible to everyone.

In the long term, supporting local businesses also help the employment and economy of the country. As Super Pinoy Store reminds us: “Imagine if every Filipino supported local goods. Local businesses will boom and employment will increase. It is a great way to help the country recover during the pandemic. Mag-BUYanihan tayo and we will recover as one!”

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