Sunski: Vintage Australian Sunglasses are Back!

When In Manila, summer will always be my favorite time of the year! It is the best time I can wear shorts and tank tops, bright colored dresses, my bikini collection and of course, to protect my eyes from the sun, my sunglassess. 

For the longest time, I have been a fan of Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers because these are the styles that looks good on me and of course the colorful frames that really attract my attention. Not until last April, when I accidentally saw Sunski Sunglasses online. 

Sunski Australian Vintage Sunski Sunglasses


Sunski Sunglasses: Overview

Originally made by an Australian company years back, Sunski Sunglasses are 80’s style wayfarer sunglasses that comes in bright and colorful finish. With its polarized and scratch resistant lenses, add up the very catchy colors, Sunski sunglasses surely caught people’s attention.
Comes in four vibrant colors: blue, yellow, pink and purple.

blue_iso_big pink_iso_big purple_iso_big yellow_iso_big

Sunski Sunglasses: Which of these is your pick?

Sunski Sunglasses have lenses that are made with 5 layers. The outermost lined with a scratch resistant layer followed by the mirror coating that gives a mirror-finish look. After is the gradient tint that protects the eye from the bright sun, the polarizing film that reduces glare that makes the sunnies perfect for outdoor activities. Lastly, it is covered by another scratch resistant layer. These features surely makes Sunski sunglasses durable and your potential future outdoor buddy. 


 Sunski Sunglasses Lens

When it comes to the frame, Sunski sunglasses are made of polycarbonated frames that are light, scratch and impact-resistant making it safe for sports and other outdoor activities. The aluminum composite hinge offers heightened flexibility and durability. And not to forget its NEON colored arms that makes the sunnies more catchy and stylish!


Sunski Sunglasses: Frames

Big thanks to Tom and Michael who decided to bring back these incredible sunnies!–Now better and funkier than ever!

Sunski Sunglasses: My Outdoor Buddy

For the love of pink, I have my PINK Sunski Sunglasses and I really love them! The first time I got hold of these sunnies, I can’t decide on where I should wear them. I have no beach trips recently and so I thought of wearing them during one of my runs.
Sunski Sunnies2
 Sunski Sunglasses in PINK!
Sunski Australian Vintage1 Me and my Sunski Sunglasses after a 5-km run at Bonifacio Global City
With the extreme heat of the sun, I can’t barely open my chinky eyes. Thanks to the polarized lenses of my Sunski sunglasses, I was even able to look directly at the sun! Not only the comfort it gives to my eyes, I love how it matches with my customized When In Manila singlet by PSI. (read more here
Sunski Australian Vintage2 Sunski Sunglasses with my PSI Customized Singlet
Speaking of outdoors…  Last weekend, I climbed Mount Pulag, the 3rd highest peak in the Philippines, and I brought my Sunski Sunglasses with me! It was my Sunski Sunglasses who was with me when I slipped and got tired but still managed to reach the peak of Mt. Pulag!
Sunski Sunnies3
 Greetings from Mt. Pulag with my Sunski Sunglasses!
I believe that I have found my outdoor eyewear buddy, these vintage Sunski Sunglasses definitely got me! And I can’t wait to bring her to the beach!
So, if you are looking for bright colored and funky sunnies that can really protect your eyes from the bright sun, check out Sunski Sunglasses! Yes its vintage, and vintage never goes out of season, When In Manila!

Want your own Sunski Sunglasses? Check them out here




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 Photos by Cholo Isungga and edited by Ivica Rae Say
Writeup by Ivica Rae Say

SUNSKI: Vintage Australian Sunglasses are Back!