Summersault: Where Fashion Meets Your Summer Adventures

Summersault: Where Fashion Meets Your Summer Adventures

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Summersault Summer Expo 2014 reimagines the way people plan for their escapades, rounding up all conceivable necessities for their summer getaways in one convenient place. The new and current breed of young travelers is more adventurous, daring, and discerning than ever, with insatiable wanderlust that cannot be reckoned without.

Jerald Sze, chief marketing executive of Book It! Events, puts it best, saying, “There is no doubt that for summer-loving people, summertime is YOLO [you only live once] time. Going YOLO is moving beyond one’s own comforts to take on opportunities that rarely come up, and during the summer, you get more of those opportunities more than any other time of the year.

Running from April 5 to 6, the Summersault Summer Expo 2014 will camp at Metrotent in Metrowalk, Pasig City and will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with food trucks to boot. Organizers of the event handpicked all the stores that will be featured in the expo, in order to provide patrons with choice products needed before, during, and after a trip. The expo yanks the hassle of having to bounce from one place to another just to check off all the items needed for an upcoming trip.

Need to get those six-pack abs and a well-chiseled chest before hopping on an airplane to your favorite beach? No reason to worry. There will be stalls for gym memberships. Unsure of which mountain to climb next or which posh beach to potter about in? Tour agencies for ecotourism, resorts, and beaches will gladly accommodate you.

Don’t even dare start yapping about having nothing to wear for your summer destination. The organizers are way ahead of you. They have pulled in established and up-and-coming clothing lines to set up shop in the expo as well. And of course, if by some stroke of bad luck your diving equipment or mountain bike breaks right before a jaunt, just stop by and buy a replacement from one of the many stalls just for that.

The two-day event is envisioned as not only a venue where people can plan their trips and buy their needs, but also an intersection where all summer-loving travelers and adventurers can come together as one.

Sze remarks, “Through this event, we allow our friends to discover the multitude of ways we can celebrate and make the most out of summer—whether it’s through shopping the perfect summer outfit, traveling to exciting local destinations or even through simple summer hobbies and activities.”

Summersault Summer Expo 2014 assures you that even when you come in empty-handed, you will definitely leave the expo confidently forearmed for your adventures ahead.

For inquiries on how to be an exhibitor/concessionaire of Summersault Summer Expo 2014, please get in touch with Sheena at +63917 881 2431 or

Summersault: Where Fashion Meets Your Summer Adventures