SUBCULT: Manila’s Source for Edgy, Androgynous Fashion

When In Manila, local fashion can become a subtle monotone of retail pieces from limited outlets both here and abroad. Fashion and design enthusiasts alike may be immense in number, but few truly stand out in terms of aesthetic individuality.




For the sartorial and the adventurous, unique artisan pieces may not be readily available. This is where SUBCULT comes in. Pioneered by freelance buyer and fashion connoisseur Unica Policarpio, SUBCULT travels the world and explores different brands, merging them under one roof. The clothing line sources from different countries, designers, and suppliers. Unica meticulously selects the style and aesthetics of the pieces, aiming to bring maximum satisfaction to SUBCULT‘s clients.




SUBULT’s style is heavily influenced by its owner’s good taste, whose approach veers towards the free-spirited: androgynous, grunge, and edgy. “The brand is not the usual, not the common, not mediocre, not for the followers but more for the ones who want to look and be different,” Unica shares. SUBULT’s first collection, entitled “Wanderland“, embodies this. And truly, with her sharp eye, styling capabilities, and superior attention to customer service, SUBCULT is certainly a contender to watch out for.




When In Manila, say goodbye to the tedious hunt for unique, edgy pieces. Shop SUBCULT today and explore a world of sartorial possibilities. Enter the giveaway below to win one of the pieces from SUBCULT’s first collection – the Marilyn Monroe blue muscle dress!


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Photography by

Anton Aguila





SUBCULT: Manila’s Source for Edgy, Androgynous Fashion