Su Casa: Your Home for Authentic Mexican Dishes

Earlier this week, I shared with you my top 13 Mexican joints you should try when you’re craving for some burritos, tacos, or chimichangas.

Su Casa Mexican1

And my personal choice, Su Casa Mexican Grill located inside Multinational Village, Paranaque, is definitely a must-visit. Aside from the proximity, the authenticity of the food is spot on!

According to the owner Richard New, he came from Chicago and was thinking of putting up something he can call his own. Since Mexican food is close to his heart, he decided to put up an authentic Mexican restaurant. Therefore, he named it ‘Su Casa” because he wants to feel comfortable while enjoying every bite of his burrito or taco.

I must admit that Su Casa would really make you feel at home. It’s a quaint place with good ambiance and friendly staff. To add, the place is special to me because we celebrated two special occasions there: birthday and my older kids’ after graduation party!

Without further ado, here’s my friend’s awesome video of Su Casa Mexican Grill.

Thank you very much, Richard for welcoming us to your lovely “home.” We enjoyed everything there and would certainly come back for more!

Also, special thanks to Jobert and Nicole Paler for helping me come up with a remarkable video!

What’s your favorite Mexican dish? Share your answers in the comment section below!