Stuff They Make You Do at VTR auditions


If you’ve once dreamed of becoming a star or seeing yourself on TV, then you’ve probably gone through these VTR problems, too. Pursuing this dream begins with countless casting calls for a role that matches your look and of course, how you act. Sometimes, we want to get the role so bad that we try our very best… to hide our real age or how tall (or more like ‘how short’) we really are just to fit the casting requirements. Lol.

We try to believe that we can nail auditions by covering up a few things by wearing makeup, wearing heels, or shaving or growing facial hair (for the guys). The moment we walk into a room full of those who actually matched the description, our confidence falls below sea level. Not to mention eventually seeing their RTW sizes and height on the registration sheet, plus the previous commercials they’ve done.

However, as soon as you enter the set alone, you leave behind those perfectly crafted human beings also auditioning for the same role as you are. You forget about your competition and focus on what you can bring to the table. The floor is yours and you start to own it with your acting skills. This video summarizes how a VTR or GoSee audition might turn out:

Some actually make the cut; for others, the journey continues. They’ll pretty much experience more of this in the future!

Did we miss anything else?

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