Studio Kitchen: A place where good food can be found!

When in Manila you are ought and obliged- anything that is synonymous to the word – to try Studio Kitchen in Alabang! That’s an order you wouldn’t regret taking from me. Telling you that the resto is underrated is definitely out-of-context. Why? Many has been flocking the resto for a serving of good food!



Studio Kitchen is truly a hidden treasure! It’s located at the second floor of Commerce Building.



Together with really close friends, Koji and Jasmine, we experienced the grandeur that the place has to offer. Studio Kitchen is a hidden treasure located along the stretch of Commerce Avenue, specifically at Commerce Building, in front of Acacia Hotel. The first floor of the building is where you’ll find Army Navy and Yellow Cab. It was about 7 in the evening when we arrived and the place is just perfect for catching up.



Sorry for the blurry picture, but trust me that the interiors is as good as their food! They also have good taste in music!



While waiting for Koji, since he was running from his day job, Jasmine and I was treated for a basket of their bread starters. I think it has chorizo inside but the taste of cheese is just breath-taking! Take note that this is just a bread starter!



Delish bread starters which they  also bake fresh everyday! The servers refilled this basket thrice!



Studio Kitchen is a family owned business. It’s really great to see how Chef Mark Tan and his family operates the restaurant. Her mom was really accommodating to us explaining every dish laid on our table. Another interesting note is that they have a separate menu, which they call the degustation menu. Degustation according to the ever-reliable dictionary means ‘taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality’. For the month of November the degustation menu of Studio Kitchen will comprise of Japanese cuisine. 


For our table they asked us to try the Hassun (small bites)



This is the interpretation of Chef Mark Tan of the word ‘hassun’. We only have one word to say, Beautiful! Oh make that two, Delicious!


The four sushi upclose! 

Clockwise: Duo of Hamachi Sashimi(Loin and Belly) with Momiji Oroshi, Seared Foie Gras Nigiri PX Caramelized Shallots, SRF Wagyu Beef Tataki Nigiri Truffle Tosa Shoyu and Hamachi Tartare with Pescaviar and Fresh Wasabi on Brioche Toast.




I had the Wagyu beef and the Sashimi. The former is just perfect and was perfect to start  the night. I’m not a fan of sashimi but this one is definitely one of the best! Koji, a fan of anything Japanese cuisine, tried the Hamachi Tartare and from his looks after savoring it he must have liked it. Jasmine just couldn’t stop telling her comments about how the Foie Gras tastes delicious.


After the hassun came the Crispy Boneless Chicken Wings.




 Studio Kitchen’s Crispy Boneless Chicken Wings

Crispy boneless braised chicken wings served with a Piquillo sauce



Priced at P195 for 5-piece boneless chicken wings, it’s not bad at all! The sauce complements the chicken, which consistency is at its best: crispy in the outside but juicy inside. Jasmine and I enjoyed this dish. Another favorite on our table, especially by me, is the Studio Kitchen’s Baked Seafood on Scallops Shell.



This dish is a stunner! “It’s a delight on the tongue,” says Koji.




It has fresh scallops, prawns and crabs broiled with a creamy sauce. Another thing with me is that I don’t really eat seafood but if all dishes is as delicious as this one, I might reconsider the options. The creamy sauce can really make one forget their name! Diba Jasmine? You can enjoy two pieces of scallops shell filled with seafood and creamy sauce for just P330.





Studio Kitchen’s Crispy Skin Roasted Kurobuta Pork Belly



The Kurobuta Pork Belly is just heaven and yes it melts in your mouth. I can tell that the person who cooked this, in that case Chef Mark, knows his craft really well. This kind of this could go from the best to a disaster if not cooked well. Lucky us that we’re at Studio Kitchen! Why? When I asked Chef Mark about this dish he told me that if you cook this one in high heat then the it would cook like a lechon kawali which would make it a disaster. Of course a typical Filipino table, when there’s only one left we’re very shy to take it. Haha! A generous plate of this dish would cost you P595, and it’s good for up to 4 people.



The star of the night at our table, Baby Back Ribs! A must try if I must say!



We were exchanging stories when this dish arrived and boy nobody spoke as we dig in to this mouth-watering slabs of baby back ribs. This don’t need any sauce and goes well with the potatoes and the coleslaw that accompanies the dish. Studio Kitchen is known for how they use ingredients that are fresh and of the top-caliber. Chef Mark tells us that he’s really into the quality and freshness of each ingredients that they acquire and use for every dish. This is one of their best dish, Baby Back Ribs, and it’s priced at P898! And it’s all worth the price of paying it, other restaurants would bill you much higher for this with a not-so-good-quality of meat. 


Since we all love rice! The baby back ribs goes well with Studio Kitchen’s Garlic Rice.

A serving is good for sharing and will just cost you P65.


Just like the Kurobuta, there’s one left for the baby back ribs!



 Our table was also treated with a generous serving of Funghi Pasta a la Chitarra



I love this pasta dish from Studio Kitchen! 

I love how creamy the sauce is and the flavor is just right not too salty. For health-conscious eater this will be perfect for you because it has no meat and there’s just a right amount of cheese. Good for your diet! This is priced at P375 for an appetizer serving and P490 for an entree serving.

Look at my plate before they served us desserts! Kahiya!

It just shows that I enjoyed all of the dishes prepared on our table at Studio Kitchen!

And my favorite part of every meal, Desserts! Studio Kitchen has a list of good desserts but Chef Mark served us two of their best.


For desserts we tried Studio Kitchen’s Plate of Mignardises.



For just P150 you’ll get to try a plate with three desserts, Plate of Mignardises. There’s a chocolate sandwich, fresh coffee marshmallow and macarons. I cannot express in words how much I loved the fresh coffee marshmallow and of course macarons! The chocolate sandwich is too sweet for me but hence I liked it! 




 The famous Laiskonis Egg! If you think Lady Gaga’s coming out of an egg at the MTV’s VMA is cool, wait until you try this!



Before we were served with the delectable desserts, the table next to us ordered two of this and left the place. We all thought why would they go at Studio Kitchen and just order Laiskonis Egg. When we got ours, we got the answer! It was super delicious and it’s the right way to end a very sumptuous meal. The perfectly cut egg shell is filled with chocolate pot de creme, maple syrup, caramel sauce and foam and Maldon salt. I like the presence of the salt as it contrasts all of the sweet flavors.

It’s now your turn to try the dishes of Studio Kitchen! Discover the grandeur of dining in one of the best that you’ll be able to try. In our conversation, Chef Mark noted that they’re thinking of relocating the resto in a place where people would take notice of them like Makati or The Fort, and I can’t wait for that! I think it’s about time for Studio Kitchen! 


Studio Kitchen 

2nd floor Commerce Bldg., Commerce Avenue, Alabang

For inquiries and reservations call them at  (02) 822 0205

or email them at

Like them on Facebook: Studio Kitchen Alabang



Photos by Nikko Panti



Studio Kitchen: A place where good food can be found!


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