Street Kid Jayvee Update: Our Adopted Homeless Kid Trying to Pursue His Dream of Studying


Street Kid Jayvee Update: Our Adopted Homeless Kid Trying to Pursue His Dream of Studying


We sort of adopted this street kid who was found trying to scavenge for old books to try and learn how to read. 

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Here’s a new update on Jayvee.


Street Kid Jayvee Update Our Adopted Homeless Kid Trying to Pursue His Dream of Studying

With our company driver who first saw Jayvee, Michael Catito and author Otek Durante


Story by Otek Durante:

GOOD and BAD NEWS!!! Update on Jayvee Ruiz

Was told last Thursday that Jayvee was picked up by some relatives and had gone to Cavite with no chance of him coming back. I was happy and a bit sad. Happy because I was hoping Jayvee would get a better life now and his family has taken him back. I was also sad because I may not see a friend again. Spoke to burger guy, Jairus for about an hour about this. We both just hoped for the best for the kid…But somehow in the back of my mind, I know Jayvee will come back. Gut feel, if you may want to call it.

So last night, went to install again another signage at a mall nearby. Fisher Mall. Company driver and I decided to go for some snacks for our crew again. We joked around if we could go to the same spot. Maybe Jayvee will be there. 

Went to the spot where I first found the kid. He wasn’t there. Neither was the burger guy. It was a burger girl this time  So we decided to try a different burger brand just across the street. Tried glancing around for jayvee but can’t find him. Then I saw this kid from afar sitting outside a videoke bar. I could barely recognize him because of the distance and it was a bit dark where. Plus I lost my glasses last Christmas so maybe that was the real reason. Haha.

Anyway, so we ordered our burgers and water for the crew. Next thing I knew, Jayvee was sitting right next to me! Surprised. I gave him a huge high five and smile. Asked him right away what happened since last time we saw each other. He said, “ok naman po. Pumasok po ako nung sabado uli”. My reply was, ‘akala ko kinuha ka na ng pamilya mo at umuwi ka na ng Cavite?’. He just said he paid them a visit and he has to come back to QC for his schooling every Saturday. He said bashfully, his family and friends there was so happy to see him. Even his Aunt cried and gave him a hug. It was a bit funny the way he told the story. Covering his face, blushing, feeling embarrased. I expressed my gratitude in his effort renewing his life bit by bit. We exchanged pleasantries for about 20 minutes. Bought him burgers. I then apologized to the kid that I had to leave and that we still have work to do. 


As Jayvee walked us to our service vehicle, the burger girl who took Jairus’ shift for the night waved at me and asked me to drop by her stall. So I did. She then went, ‘Sir, may sasabihin ho ako sa inyo, hindi lang po masabi nung bata. Pinagsasampal po siya ng tsinelas kagabi ng lalake. Pinagtatawanan po siya nung kasama at nung nagtitinda ng burger dun sa kabila”. Taken aback, I asked why and looked at Jayvee. He then said, the guy asked him to buy some cigarettes for him but the child refused since he was asked by another vendor to have some eggs cooked at a nearby food stall (Jayvee runs errands for vendors and some establishments around the area for food and tips). Jayvee was slapped around with his hands crossed in front of him, bowing down. He was too scared to runaway, he said. He also claims the guy who slapped him was a little drunk. But that is still no excuse for a man. Barangay tanods came but too late for the rescue then. No one bothered to help Jayvee, added the burger girl. She said she almost broke down to tears when she saw the whole thing. 

As it was getting late, I consoled Jayvee and reminded him to call me right away if any incident like that comes. I gave him my number again but he said he has memorized it already. Reminded him that he should put that experience behind him and use it as a driving force to study harder and get a better life. Off we went.


Thanks to all those helping Jayvee. To Mary Ann Yansona, Et-et Sorino Alfafara, you are so kind. To Vince Golangco, Dr. Bryan Atienza. Madel Parocha of Four Eyes. (Jayvee will be getting his glasses soon) To all good samaritans keeping the faith in humanity, THANK YOU!!!

…and to the guy who slapped jayvee around and the people who laughed at him, may God touch your hearts and forgive you… ’cause I won’t. I’ll see you guys soon.

Story by Otek Durante:


Street Kid Jayvee Update: Our Adopted Homeless Kid Trying to Pursue His Dream of Studying