Homeless Kid CAUGHT… Trying to Study: Please Share

Homeless Kid Caught… Trying to Study: Please Share 


I just wanted to share this in hopes that it could get to someone who can help out.

So many kids nowadays take education and schooling for granted. Unaware of how expensive and how much of a privilege it really is to get an education that will help us lift ourselves up in this world. 

Below is a story written by “Otek Durante” as he saw a homeless kid trying to do homework. 

Please share this. Hopefully the right person might see this and maybe, just maybe, we can help a homeless kid out. 

Street kid doing homework 2

While other street kids are out causing trouble, this one tried to learn something good


Saw this homeless kid at 2:10am the other day at some corner burger stand at Roces Ave (block away from Quezon Ave). 

We were installing a signage at a mall nearby when it was time for me and the driver to buy some snacks for our crew. Couldn’t help but notice this dirty looking kid with his jersey slung on one shoulder, reading something. Went for a closer look and there he was, reading a math problem. I asked him what was he studying, just to start a conversation. He then just glanced at me and said, “para sa school po” (for school sir). I asked him what year was he in? He didn’t reply but the young man selling us the burgers then blurted out “nag-aaral yan siya dati sir kaso namatay ang tatay niya last year tapos di na matustusan ng tita niya, so palaboy na po siya” (he went to school before but his dad died, and he could no longer afford an education, so now he just drifts around). The kid is also motherless. I told the kid that what he was doing was quite remarkable. He doesn’t go to school anymore yet he still finds time to study. The kid is very shy. Speaks only a few words, til I noticed he has a cross-eye problem. Maybe he was too shy to talk to strangers because of his condition.

As we were waiting on for our burgers, I continued on. I told the kid that he better stay away from solvent or any petty crimes and that what he’s doing is awesome and he should not stop studying wether in school or not. Again, the burger guy answered for him. “Tinutulungan ko siya sir. Dati po siyang rugby boy pero nakita ko talaga iniiwasan na niya mga barkada niya. Mas gusto daw niya mag-aral” (I help him out, he used to be a drug-user but I noticed he started to try and stay away from those kids, he says he likes studying more).

The boy sleeps on the streets and eats only whenever he can. Sometimes when the burger guy helps him out. (sorry i didn’t get his name) But not everyday he claims since he can’t afford it either. He tutors him instead when this young kid sits around the burger stand and wait for parking jeepneys. Mabuhay ka burger guy!

All I could do at the time was to include him in our snacks too. Bought him a burger and a drink. I also bought some sardines, supposedly for breakfast, i gave that away too. Couldn’t give him any of our company’s money since he doesn’t issue any receipt. Lol. Kidding aside, the kid just gave me resounding ‘thank you po’. Tell you what, that was one of the best working nights I ever spent. Such a sight to see. Short but amazing conversation with the kid and the burger guy.

His name is Jayvee Ruiz. May you continue to pursue your dreams Jayvee. Don’t give up and keep the faith. Life is hard. But life is good. I’ll see you again soon. I’ll bring some shirts as I promised.

(Burger guy’s name is Jairus David)


written by Otek Durante


Street kid doing homework

Homeless kid trying to read


Please share so that someone who can help out might see this inspiring article! 




From Dr. Atienza:

updating everyone that mr. durante and i talked yesterday and he said he will try to find jayvee this weekend. i hope to see him on tuesday. i have yet to see what his eye problem is, and if it can be remedied at all (since many childhood eye problems are congenital, and if not addressed early enough, may be irreparable in adulthood). i made no promises, save for a a shower, clothes, and food for the day. if he is open to it, my girlfriend’s family runs an orphanage where he can find shelter and an education. otherwise, i’m sure someone here can connect him with agencies who can help him. let’s all keep praying and hoping for the best. happy weekend everyone. -dr. atienza


From Otek Durante:.

Went to look for jayvee yesterday 5pm. Waited for 2 hours. Until some guy named Miguel told me somebody picked him up in a pick up truck. I left my number at the burger stand. Jayvee and the burger guy called me around midnite. Jayvee said some, people took him to roxas elementary school. Enrolled him I guess. I think they’re processing papers pa. Im taking jayvee on Tuesday at medical city for his eye check up. He is so overwhelmed and grateful. I can hear his voice breaking up as if he is going to break down into tears. He wants to thank everybody who has helped and about to help him.




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Homeless Kid Caught… Doing Homework: Please Share