STRANGER DANGER: Woman Tries To Snatch Kid, Pretends to be Mentally Ill

Parents, watch out. There’s a new modus in town and it’s aimed at your children. Kidnappers have become more and more ruthless nowadays, and it seems to be part of one massive human trafficking circle that we’d rather protect our kids from. Never take your eyes away from your children, especially in crowded places. A turn of your head is all that’s needed for a kidnapper to strike at will.

In a post by a netizen, she recaps what happened to her nephew who was almost kidnapped by a woman (see photos below). Good thing the netizen’s brother was fast enough to react and pull back the child, while punching the woman in the face. The woman feigned a mental illness but was recognized at the precinct for having already kidnapped 3 children in the past. She is currently detained while awaiting due process.


What should be the penalty for kidnapping?