Stop blaming the stars for everything bad that happens to you

No hate for astrology at all, people can enjoy what they want–as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody of course. So while I’m fine listening to my friends talk about how being a Gemini means they’re a little cranky that day, I can’t stand it when people start to say that the stars are the reason that they’re going to be having a tough time for a while.

An actual conversation I’ve had went: “Angela, it’s June–don’t you understand? That’s why things are going so bad for me.” I stared, dumbfounded. Instead of blaming her own passiveness, refusal to make pivotal choices for her future, and spending all her money, she claimed the stars were to blame for the temporary crash and burn she was experiencing. I had to hold back my comment (“Don’t you think it’s because you’re… just not taking care of yourself?”) and just laugh awkwardly and try to re-word it. But it baffled me that she was so deep into it that even the most surface-level things seemed to be puppeteered by a bunch of balls of gas and light millions of miles away (that are probably already dead).


Listen. I can’t claim to know if there’s some celestial power out there that comes from star clusters that we recognized in the sky. But I know that you can choose to take care of yourself and make basic choices to better your life. It’s not the stars’ fault that you drunk-dialed your ex, Karen. Or that you chose to break your diet and now regret it.

This is not to say, of course, that it’s your own fault if unfortunate accidents or tragedies befall you. Those are external and can’t be attributed to the self.

But stuff like being broke after allowing yourself to spend spend spend $$$ isn’t on anyone but you. The Little Dipper did not reach out of the sky to bring out your debit card and hand it over to the cashier. Nor did Orion push you into taking that extra shot. Leave the stars out of it, fam.


Rather than blame the stars for the bad stuff happening in your life, maybe it’s time to look at how you’ve been treating yourself and all. Maybe it’s time to take better care of yourself. Sure, love astrology all you like, but remember that the stars aren’t your agency. You’re in control of what you do and what you choose to do. There’s a big difference between reading your horoscope and considering it and following it blindly. Especially when it says bad news is coming your way. You have control over your actions, take responsibility and be accountable for them.

Your zodiac sign all the way up in the sky isn’t the one puppeteering you. You’re still you. It’s not the constellations’ fault. Leave them alone, lol.

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