Stock Market Trading Is Just Like Watching A Movie! Learn Trading Tricks The Easy Way!

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Stock Market Seminar hosted by Mr. Bonner Dytoc, Senior instructor at Absolute Traders



I had the chance of attending a stock market investing seminar conducted by Absolute Traders.  It’s a five day seminar, conducted every Thursday for two and a half hours. The seminar was headed by Mr. Bonner Dytoc, a senior instructor of the company and is also the Chief Financial Officer. He has taught and provided numerous Technical Analysis courses/talks to different corporations, TV, radio, stock brokerages, financial institutions, and individuals



I don’t trade Stocks actively. Currently, I have three stocks that I bought last year. A conversation with a friend who trades stocks persuaded me in buying stocks from those companies. He told me it was a great time to buy because the prices were low. Without knowing anything about trading the stock market, I opened an account with Citiseconline. Citiseconline is an online brokerage system where you can buy and sell stocks using your computer and an internet connection. Opening an account was easy – just give the required requirements for the identity verification, sign forms and your done. The minimum amount to open an account was around Php 5,000.



I was so excited when my application was processed, now I am a stock trader! I immediately bought the stocks recommended by my friend. Buy low, Sell High!! I talked and felt like a pro. Now, I just need to wait for the prices to go up and be rich like Warren Buffet. Unfortunately, after a few months prices went even lower and my initial investment was down by 15%. That experience was an eye-opener to me that trading stocks was not that easy. I researched and read books about stock trading. The information I got was so overwhelming that I gave up. It was too complicated especially understanding the fundamentals like financial statements and the world economy.



At present, I am still holding on to the stocks I bought last year. They are 30% up right now which gives me a breath of fresh air. I am ready to dive again in the world of trading the Stock Market but this time I wanted to be ready. I needed a mentor who would guide me on how to buy and sell stocks at the right time.  




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I got excited when I learned about how the people from Absolute Traders traded the Stock Market. They are an advocate of technical analysis which means they do not rely much on the fundamentals. Technical analysis has been an accurate tool for them when trading the financial markets. It not only dictates the timing of proper entry and exit points; but, it also indirectly studies the fundamentals. They have been getting consistent returns from 10-80% by just using the price charts.




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On our first day at the Absolute trader’s seminar, Mr. Bonner Dytoc, our mentor asked us a question: Which is better – Reading a book or watching a movie? Of course our answer was watching a movie. According to him, trading the price charts is similar to watching a movie. It’s easier and the story of what’s happening in the financial market will unfold when we are trained to see them. On the other hand, Reading a bunch of financial statements and listening to news, disclosures, reports, and rumors could only make your trading decision more clouded in the end. Price is the “King” and we should respect it. This is how I would like to trade and from now on, I just want to focus on the price like what my teacher Bonner Dytoc is doing.








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Stock Market Trading Is Just Like Watching A Movie! Learn Trading Tricks The Easy Way!