Step Up Meet Up: An Instagram Mixer

Poshmark Boutique and Product I/O are hosting the first of its kind, Instagram Mixer. This is exclusively for Metro’s top-selling Instagram retailers!
Product I/O is a sales and inventory management smartphone app fashioned for small businesses to maximize productivity and help you track your sales and inventory, wherever and whenever. They are partnering with Poshmark Boutique, your #EverydayBazaar and home of your favorite online brands, to bring together Instagram retailers and create a community that will grow together in business.
It’s this week’s power hour as they bring in Reuben Ravago, Retail Tech Guru and former VP-IT of SSi Group Inc. to tell us about maximizing technology in every area of our business. Product I/O also packed the afternoon with surprises and you wouldn’t want to miss them!
There’s always something new and fun around the corner! Will we see you there?

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