Start the New Year Right with This Healthy Food List

Looking to eat healthier this coming new year? You’re not alone. Although more and more food businesses have opened up online to cater to different tastes, not a lot focus on healthy food and it has been quite a struggle for me to find salads and healthy snacks that are actually delicious and will make me want to finish the entire thing in one sitting. That has changed now that I’ve discovered these 3 online stores. Check them out:

Start the New Year Right with This Healthy Food List

Farmed Forces (@farmedforcesph)




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Love salad? I don’t care what people say, but salad can be sooooo good. I say “can” because not all salads are, to be honest. If you’re looking for honest-to-goodness, can’t-get-enough-of-it salads, I’ve found them at Farmed Forces.

Farmed Forces is a small urban aquaponic farm in Metro Manila that mainly grows salad greens that they then sell as salad kits. What sets them apart is that all of their greens are grown soilless and pesticide-free through aquaponics (main), hydroponics, and hydrointegrated farming methods. Since they are staunch environment advocates, they use sustainable farming methods and limit the use of plastics and non-biodegradable packaging. They also harvest and deliver on the same day (every Wednesday), providing everyone with a farm-to-table experience in the comfort of their own homes.

I sent some of their salad kits to other members of our team, as well, and everyone was floored. One of our team members even finished a family pack (which serves 5) all on her own because it was so good! Their products don’t just taste great; they look great, too. Post-organic salad greens, toppings, and dressings aside, they also come with edible flowers which my daughter kept asking about. Each kit is also named after a military hero, which is in-line with their brand (Farmed Forces).

They also formed the “Farmed Forces Coalition” or simply, “The Coalition” where they sell curated products from small businesses such as hummus, loose-leaf teas, and turmeric products. What’s not to love?

Greens from the South (@greensfromthesouth)


Greens from the South

Photo from Greens from the South

Looking for something delicious yet healthy to snack on? The name Greens from the South has exactly what you need. Their name is a combination of their core product (salads) and location (Parañaque). But since then, they have expanded to offering delicious trail mixes that I could not stop eating. A lot of the time, I get sick of a trail mix after eating it for a while, but theirs has just the right bits in it to provide flavor, texture, and taste that you will get absolutely addicted to.

It really isn’t surprising why their products are so healthy. The owners are a husband and wife duo who have been athletes since their college years. After becoming parents in 2015, however, the combination of various factors took a toll on their health. Joy started Greens from the South in 2018 shortly after the passing of her mom. After this unfortunate event, she knew a lifestyle change was necessary if they wanted to be with their daughter for a long time. She became determined to find answers to their recurring ailments. One of the biggest factors was the change in food consumption. To make the change sustainable, they needed to have healthy and delicious food available all the time. After noticing the change, some of their friends asked to order salads and that’s when their business started.

Today, Greens from the Souths offers various healthy food choices that the owners themselves frequently consume: salads and dressings, pesto pasta, hummus, superfood, nuts and seeds, trail mixes, keto and low carb baking ingredients, and various sauces and condiments.

Munchables (@munchablesph)



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Addicted to nuts? If there’s one snack we always have to have around the house, it’s nuts. Both of my parents are addicted to nuts, and Munchables happens to specialize in them.

Munchables was created by five college students who wanted to create a brand for their thesis project that they would still enjoy working on together even after they graduate. The team enjoyed munching on savory snacks over their conversations, binge-watching Netflix, and studying at home. Because of this, they got the idea of selling premium nuts. After R&D, they did a taste test with their relatives and friends, and each variant was meticulously selected for the best quality and taste.

Munchables’ nuts are so good that a jar didn’t last a day in our home. Take your pick from peanuts, cornick, or cashews in plain, garlic, or spicy flavors – they’ve got a lot of choices to satiate your munching needs. Addictiveness aside, they also come in chic and colorful packaging for an extra fun vibe as you munch!

Got any recommendations for healthy snacks and food? 🙂

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