Start a Plastic Free Lifestyle with Lieu!

Photos by Matthew Gan

Words by Lori Dumaligan

Maybe you’re like me–you’ve heard the news about dolphins and other cute sea animals choking because of plastic. You might have seen pictures of mason jars filled with one year’s trash. Maybe you’d like to start using products that take care of our environment in lieu of single-use plastics?

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Lieu offers you their Eco Bundle that is perfect for dorm life, the takeaway-ers, and the light traveler. Packed beautifully in a Buri Box with jute rope, the items are nestled in a 100% biodegradable jute sack. It also comes with a gift tag that’s made out recycled boxes!


Inside, you’ll notice that the cutlery, straw, and toothbrush are all made out of bamboo. It’s not only special because it’s a locally sourced wood but it’s also naturally antimicrobial. This is why cutting boards and other utensils are usually are made out of bamboo. You get to buy local and be hygienic, that’s a steal!


There are also two bamboo straws–a regular-sized straw and a milk tea straw paired with their separate brush cleaners. You don’t have to use a plastic straw the next time you’re at a restaurant or getting Tiger Sugar Milk Tea. There is also a bamboo fork, spoon, and knife so, you can opt out of plastic utensils for your next takeaway meal. It even comes with a cutlery pouch that fits all your utensils to easily take with you on your next trip.


But that’s not all, there’s a bamboo toothbrush which is available in cream or black bristles. It’s the ideal alternative to plastic toothbrushes that get black mold over time because of water and bacteria. Plastic toothbrushes usually end up in landfills or the ocean but this bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable.



Also, included is a collapsible cup (available in yellow or blue) inside. This is useful when you’re on the go so, that you don’t have to rely on plastic cups. This foldable cup is super easy to chuck in your bag since its just as thin as a laptop and saves you so much space!

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Lieu has also considered the huge amount of plastics we use when grocery shopping so they offer the next best thing: lightweight net bags. It’s available in three colors: cream, black and blue. They seem small when bunched up but it stretches to accommodate a lot!

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Armed with these reusable and sustainable products, you are ready to contribute in taking care of your environment. Your plastic free starter pack is just within your reach for only 650 pesos!