Star Wars: Kitty Cat Edition

In a galaxy far far away… the kitties have taken over!

More than just the human fanatics, these kitties came out to show their love and support for Star Wars! Check out these adorable photos posted by Metropop on their Facebook page.

Darth Kitten

Darth Kitty lurks just around the corner


Yoda Kitty

Master Yoda Cat observes the commotion


C3P and R2D2

CP3 Whiskers and R2 Paw D2 look down from afar


Yoda Kitty 2


Master Yoda Kitty summons his new jedi


Munchkin attack

Munchkin cat arrives for his first lesson – “Ooh, bright stick!”


Cp3 Kitty

Cp3 Whiskers and R2 Paw D2 unsure about this new recruit


Yoda Down

Master Yoda Kitty has fallen!


SithThe jedi is now ready


While the newest Star Wars movie was absolutely awesome, I wouldn’t mind watching this version too! haha

What did you think of these adorable furballs?