STANCEPH: The Official NBA Socks Flies To The Philippines!

Days after the opening of the NBA store’s second branch at the mega fashion hall, local NBA and basketball fans were given another reason to love the sport: the launch of the official NBA socks here in the Philippines!

Stance socks

Stance socks, the official on-court socks of the NBA starting this coming season,  launched the Stance NBA Collection at the mega fashion hall last Friday, Oct. 23.

During the launch, many NBA and basketball fans were given the chance to check out the Stance NBA Collection sock exhibit that showcases some of the NBA’s official team socks. Basketball junkies also enjoyed a game of 1 on 1 basketball face off, Stance 2 Ball challenge, and NBA 2K16 tournament.

The Stance NBA fusion socks are uniquely designed for basketball play and artfully crafted to carry the spirit of the NBA teams they represent, giving NBA fans the opportunity to cheer on for their favorite team through their socks.

With the NBA season opening tomorrow, fans will have the chance to see their  favorite NBA stars in their new colored socks.

Here’s a quick  look at last Friday’s launch:

Stance (1)

Stance (2)

Stance (3)

Stance (4)

Stance (5)

Stance (6)

Were you at the launch last Friday? Have you bought your pair of Stance socks? Tell us your reactions below!