SPOTTED: This cigarette butt disposal will make you choose between the Warriors or the Cavs

Who do you think will ‘kick some butt’ the hardest in vying for the NBA Basketball Champion title?

Now on its fourth consecutive year, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers face off each other once again in the NBA Finals. Bets of an NBA fan’s team of choice – whether for the east or west, have commenced – and this cigarette butt disposal isn’t making things any harder.

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Uploaded by broadcaster Boyet Sison, he shared a photo of a cigarette butt disposal that was divided vertically, with two corresponding holes on top: shoot your used cigarette on the left, you’re rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Shoot right, you’re rooting for the defending Champions, the Golden State Warriors.


Sison says that this was spotted in the smoking area of an office located in Quezon City.

Just yesterday, the defending Champions win the first match of a Race to 4 Finals series, with an overtime.  The final score was 124 – 114.

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photo above. Credits go to Mr. Boyet Sison.