8 Local Facts (That Happened) Before Lebron James started his NBA Finals Streak

Eight. Consecutive. Years.

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Many consider small forward Lebron James as a G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) in basketball history., while others revere him for his prowess and agility on the court. After a do-or-die game of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers advance to the Finals for the fourth consecutive year since James returned to the Ohio-based team from Miami heat in 2014.

So much can happen before the eight-year streak came about – which of these events do you remember?

8) Basketball superstar Chris Tiu was still playing for the Ateneo Blue Eagles

The UAAP Classics Facebook Page

Photo by The UAAP Classics Facebook Page

The heartthrob who once hailed from Katipunan now plays for Rain or Shine Elasto Painters of the Philippine Basketball Association. He continues to make fans swoon with his flair on and off the court – we say he’s got quite the charming personality! Now happily married and a doting father to two daughters, Chris Tiu will be remembered as being a part of the championship team that garnered the title of the UAAP Men’s Basketball on his eligible, playing year. The Ateneo de Manila Eagles broke their six-year championship drought back then, with their arch rival the De La Salle Green Archers as their opponent. Other than that, Tiu was also a part of the UAAP Mythical 5 twice – in 2007, & 2008.

7)  2/3 of IV of Spades were not teenagers yet


The band members’ vintage, funk vibe could give off the impression that they’re from Gen X or millennials, but in fact, are members of Gen Z! By 2009, the years before Lebron’s Finals streak, lead guitarist Blaster Silonga was 9 years old, while bassist and vocalist Zild Benitez was 12, and drummer Badjao de Castro at 15.

6) Multiply, Friendster & Yahoo! Messenger were the social media crazes

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“Penge testi!” “You view, you comment!” “Check out my new layout!” 

If you find yourself guilty saying any of these statements, well, you’re not alone! Before Facebook & Messenger, now defunct social media websites Multiply and Friendster served as the ultimate platforms to reconnect with friends. Although Yahoo! Messenger is pretty much extinct in the instant messenger scene, many users will always remember the Audibles (cue: a talking foot!)  and the ever so annoying BUZZ!!! to ‘poke’ their friends, especially when ‘Invi’!

5) Shutter shades were the ‘it’ thing in the fashion scene

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Having that “you can’t see me” John Cena moment with the eyewear will definitely make you the coolest kid in town. Also, with Gossip Girl as a hit in pop culture all around the world, layered necklaces and funky headbands were all the rage inspired by the girls of the Upper East Side.

4) NU 107.5 was still a radio station

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Remember jamming to the Eraserheads while driving through EDSA? For more than two decades, NU 107.5 brought the best hits to our eardrums. Sadly, the rock station signed off for good in 2010. (Bonus points if you knew Campus Radio 97.5, too! This Top 40/alternative radio station signed off in 2008.)

3) BGC was bare.

Photo from Ayala Land International

Do you wanna see how it looked like before the skyscrapers came about? Read more here.

2) MOA was still the biggest mall in Asia

Photo from Staycation Philippines

Photo from Staycation Philippines

The Mall of Asia was an attempt to break a world record by becoming the biggest mall in Asia when it opened in 2006. Unfortunately, it was surpassed by different establishments across the region, including Golden Resources Mall in China (6.0 million sq ft) and CentralWorld (4.62 sq ft) in Bangkok. MOA, however, remains to be one of the leading shopping destinations of both locals and foreigners for having over 600+ shops and 200+ food places to choose from.

1) Boom Tarat Tarat was a DANCE CRAZE!

Tune in to your television at lunchtime and get ready for Wowowee! The now-defunct show hosted by Willie Revillame has influenced many Filipino viewers with its catchy hits such as its theme song, “Giling-Giling”, “Dododo Dadada”, and of course, “Boom Tarat Tarat” – which, if we may add, the latter may have been the go-to dance of most (if not all) Christmas party, company party, family reunion, etc., especially during the festive holidays! Plus, the Boom Tarat Tarat hit has its own Christmas version!

boom tarat tarat

What are other local occurrences that happened before James
started his NBA Finals streak? Let us know in the comments below!