Spoken Word Poets Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay recreate polaroid photos from 2008 to present

Just recently, Project Voice Co-Directors slash siblings Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye were in Manila and Cebu to deliver astounding performances of heart wrenching, spoken word poetry. Both siblings are award-winning poets who travel the world together to carry on the mission of Project Voice: “to using spoken word as an educational and inspirational tool”.

Sarah Kay has taken unto her Twitter account how one single polaroid photo of her brother and her somewhere in 2008 started a series of polaroid photos of them doing the same pose, same position, and the same expression.

I am not sure why, but from then on, whenever someone came to a show w/ a polaroid-ish camera, we just repeated the same pose.” she shares.

Check out that consistency – especially Sarah’s medium length hair that fell on her shoulders. Of course, Phil’s hair chopped and grew at lengths through the years – keeping that facial hair and shaving it off was a consideration, too.

Sarah thinks there are more photos “tucked into random suitcases etc that will surface eventually”.

Aren’t these photos cute?!

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