Spider-Man Could Be Expanding Its Own Cinematic Universe With Possible “Morbius” Movie

Determined to exist independently of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems that an expanded Spider-Man universe by Sony is in the works!

Morbius the Living Vampire Spider Man

As production for the movie “Venom” is now underway with Tom Hardy in the lead role, Sony is already possibly thinking about new ways to expand its “Spider-Man” universe on the big screen, much like the MCU.  Apparently, they’re already considering bringing Morbius the Living Vampire on the big screen!

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless — the screenwriters behind “Dracula Untold,” “The Last Witch Hunter,” “Gods of Egypt” and “Power Rangers” — have proposed bringing the story of Morbius the Living Vampire to Sony’s “Spider-Man” cinematic universe.

Should this come true, this would be an exciting prospect for Spider-Man and Marvel fans as Morbius has never been seen before in film.

In Marvel’s comic books, Michael Morbius is a biochemist who turns into a vampire, following a failed experimental treatment involving electroshocks and bats in an attempt to cure himself of a rare disease.

Are you a Marvel fan? Would you like to see Morbius on the big screen?