The Special Connection Between Mayonnaise and Seventeen

Oh Seventeen! You are such an overlooked number. It’s not your fault that you’re between the “Oh, Sweet Sixteen” and “Debut at Eighteen”. However, I believe that the band Mayonnaise holds a deep attachment to this number. Let me build my case.

It was 2005. I was in my second year of high school when I had this conversation with my classmate.

                   Classmate: Mapy, alam mo yung Jopay? (Mapy, have you heard of Jopay?)

I obliviously answered.

                   Mapy: Jopay? Yung ”get get aww”? (While stopping myself from doing the dance move)

I was referring to the Sexbomb Dancer, Jopay Paguia, back then. My classmate smirked and replied.

                   Classmate: Haha. Hindi! Yung kanta ng Mayonnaise. (Haha. No! The song of the band Mayonnaise).

Again, I was hit unaware by the band named after a condiment – which I later learned was really after The Smashing Pumpkin’s Mayonnaise. So I casually asked why he mentioned Jopay and Mayonnaise. With a silly grin, he remarked.

                   Classmate: Kamukha mo kasi vocalist nila! (You look like their vocalist)

That comment piqued my interest and when I got home, I fired up our dialup connection, typed Mayonnaise band on Google and clicked on a link. After a minute (the Internet speed was awful during that era at 56 Kbps), I learned that they were the winners of Musiklaban 2004. Then I saw a picture of frontman Monty Macalino. From that day forward, I found a vocalist I could identify with. I have had a hefty build since high school and seeing Monty made me feel like I could make it “big” too (pun intended).

Mayonnaise has been a part of my OPM playlist ever since. With my following of the band, I’ve picked up evidence as to why 17 has a special connection with the band.

Exhibit A – Jopay

Mayonnaiseventeen Jopay 2007By Mordecai 12, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Not just a song title, but also a multi-talented individual from the group Sexbomb Dancers. It is found in record (according to Wikipedia) that the song is dedicated to the former Sexbomb Dancer. It was the band’s first single back in 2004.

Exhibit B – 17 (Seventeen)

Do you know the Spanish translation of 17? That’s right. It’s “diecisiete“, or “dise-syete“. Does that ring a bell?

Mayonnaiseventeen Confused Math Lady

For those of you aren’t members of the Titos and Titas of Manila, “dise-syete” is a play on words for “Daisy Siete” – an afternoon show that ran for 26 seasons from 2003-2010! And do you know who starred in Daisy Siete? No other than Ms. Jopay Paguia.

Mayonnaiseventeen Daisy SieteBy Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, Link

Making sense now, huh?

Mayonnaiseventeen Roll Safe Think About It

This year marks the 17th year of Mayonnaise in the music industry. To see if 17 is sweeter than 16, we went to SM North EDSA Skydome last November 8 to see the band during their Anniversary Concert: Mayonnaiseventeen.

As I entered the event hall during soundcheck, I noticed that I got the wristband 00017! The plot thickens!

mayonnaiseventeen portrait117!? I think they are on to me!

Here’s more of what made Mayonnaiseventeen so special:

3) A Night of Hugot

Mayonnaise’s genre involves alternative rock, pop rock, pop punk, and emo. They also have a variety of emotional songs. It was a great place to let go of your frustrations if Sagada is too far for you. You could scream out the lyrics and other fans would sing in unison.

With opening acts from This Band and I Belong to the Zoo, relief for your bleeding hearts was guaranteed.

mayonnaiseventeen7This Band performed their signature songs “Di Na Babalik”, “Hindi Na Nga”, and “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na”.

mayonnaiseventeen14I Belong to the Zoo serenaded us with “Patawad, Paalam”, “Balang Araw”, and capped off their set with “Sana”.

mayonnaiseventeen20Mayonnaise had “Sinungaling”, “Torres”,  “Kapag Lasing”, and “Sana Kung” as part of their playlist to help you release your pent up regrets, loneliness, and frustrations about past relationships.

2) The Overwhelming Support of the MayoNation

These guys are the real deal when describing what a hardcore fan of Mayonnaise is like. I heard them all throughout the concert. I just know more than a dozen of the band’s songs, but the MayoNation continued to impress me with their dedication as they continued to sing along with Mayonnaise all throughout their setlist of over 20 songs!

mayonnaiseventeen2Dedicated MayoNation showing their love for Mayonnaise

mayonnaiseventeen32Lighting up the bleachers for the band to see their support

mayonnaiseventeen49Too bad I didn’t get a selfie with Monty. 🙁

1) A Celebration of Almost 2 Decades of OPM

I was in high school when I first heard of Jopay. It’s amazing that Mayonnaise kept producing albums throughout the years to cater to younger audiences. The demographics of the event ranged from teens to people in their early 40s. I was surprised to see a grandma taking a picture with Andrea Manzano of This Band at the event!

Having your heart broken is normal and sometimes a rite of passage before finding true love. Most of us have gone through it and Mayonnaise has a number of songs in their albums that we can relate to.

mayonnaiseventeen25Mayonnaise brought out some songs from their latest album, “Gusto Ko Lang Kasama Ka Palagi Pero Hindi Pwede”, like “Bangin”, “Gusto Ko Lang”,and “Kung Di Rin Ikaw”.

mayonnaiseventeen38Sharlene San Pedro dropped by and performed two songs: “Silid” and “Stars & Caramel Bars”

mayonnaiseventeen28Nikki Tirona turning up the bass

mayonnaiseventeen24Shan Regalado leading the band with his sick beats

mayonnaiseventeen26Keano Swing and Carlo Servano rocking on their guitars

mayonnaiseventeen36The band also pulled out classics like “Pink White Blue”, “Paraan”, “Bakit Part 2”, “Ipagpatawad Mo”, and “Tayo Na Lang Dalawa”.

mayonnaiseventeen45Frontman Monty Macalino and company closing the night with “Jopay”

I am a big fan of Mayonnaise. Just knowing that they are still rocking after 17 years brings a smile to my face. Thank you, Mayonnaise, for contributing to OPM for almost two decades now. We hope you invite us again next year at your “debut” at Shangri-La Ball Room. 😉