How To Fill Your Friday Nights With The Warmth of The Spanish Sun : Oakroom’s Tapas Y Sangria Fiesta

When In Manila, imagine this : the week is about to end, you’ve been stressed by work, the government, the weather.  You’ve done your share of productive work, good deeds, finished a good book, or you’re in that state where you just want to break out of that monotony in your week. So what does one restless soul like you do?  

You grab your friends (the good kinds – the ones that you eat, sit down and have a good talk with) and you drown yourself in the myriad of exotic and tempting flavours from Spain.  And if the idea of the warmth of the Spanish sun isn’t enough, then go further with refreshing and overflowing fruit-studded Sangria made perfectly for that whole Viva España experience.




Where could you find such place on a Friday night? It’s right here, in the heart of Ortigas at Oakroom’s Tapas and Sangria dinner buffet at Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila.




As Elizabeth Taylor most stylishly said – pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Here we go.  

Sangria is named after the Latin word for “blood” – “sanguis ” because of its typical dark-red color.  We had that first thing we got to the table,  and it was perfect that way because after the hustle & bustle, the best way to settle down was with a sip of this.

We had white Sangria too and it was sweet and different – and I like different.




After a while, you start soaking in the ambiance of the place.  If you are in that age where partying has mellowed down (and its not that old ha! – guilty :))  to talks in the cafe or just lounging around somewhere smooth and chillax, the Oakroom would be such a place.  It doesn’t overwhelm you with grandiosity but with simple classy coziness.





There are definitely days when you want to stuff yourself but then there are nights when you just want to take it slow and the Tapas section was just right.  As with the ambiance, it doesn’t overwhelm because the selection has been trimmed down to only the best.  




 This is the type of food that is meant to encourage conversation.




All this deliciousness was crafted by Executive Chef Jerome Cartailler.





 There’s Atun In Acetite De Olio, Ensalada De Pimientos, Esparragos Blancos, Aceitunas, among many.








Familiarize yourself with the famous Spanish Quesos like cabrales, Azul and the famous sheep’s milk cheese, Manchego. 






Meat favourites such as Chorizo, Jamon, Pollo Al Ajillo and Chuletas de Cordero and more, complete the buffet perfectly and make it truly Español. Not to mention the Paellas and Lecon De Leche.





More on the list are Fabada Asturiana, Croquettas De Jamon Iberico, Gambas Con Gabardina, Gambas Al Ajillo and Mejillones Conso Frito.




Pile up your bowl with the hearty and filling Paella, painted with saffron colored rice and deliciously decorated with chicken, shellfish and seafood. 




I loved the Arros Negre which is like paella but made of squid ink. 



The dessert table is equally amazing as well with Tarta De Santiago, Flan De Huevo, Strawberry Mousse, Mango Mousse, Chocolate Cake, and Cheese Cake just to mention a few.






Our gracious host, Gerald – Sales Manager of Oakwood Asia Pacific Ltd., walked us through the whole experience.  He is a great testimony to the the claims that Oakwood has unparalleled customer service – no wonder it’s the premier choice in temporary housing solutions for more than 50 years – its because of people like him.





A little more about Oakwood Serviced Apartments : 

Oakwood is a global leader and provider of furnished and serviced apartments. For one need or many, local or around the globe – Oakwood offers flexible, easy-to-use, custom solutions to meet any temporary housing need.  Oakwood Asia Pacific manages some of the finest serviced apartments for business and leisure travelers in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Thailand. 




So if you’re thinking where to spend a good Friday Night out with friends or family – we cut out the clutter for you by checking out and recommending the best.

Experience this dining trend for only PHP 990+++ per person with Oakroom’s Tapas and Sangria Buffet. Available every Friday night, starting on 16, August 2013, from 6 PM – 10 PM. 

When In Manila,  bask in the savory goodness of Spain’s favorite appetizers and say salud with the refreshing and overflowing fruit-studded Sangrias. 





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