Yes, It’s Real: SPAM® Tocino Is Back!

Rare are the moments when you are caught off-guard at a grocery store by an item that you’ve never seen before—or, in this case, something from your distant past that has suddenly come back.

So let me be the one to break the news to you all: I just spotted SPAM® Tocino while grocery shopping and, nope, it’s not a dream!

This canned luncheon meat of legend has once again hit the shelves after long years of it being missing in our lives, and there’s no way that I was going to let the opportunity pass until I try it. After all, SPAM® Tocino is the only uniquely Filipino flavor created by the makers of the SPAM® Brand as a token of their love for the Philippines. It’s no mistake that, when it launched, it earned so much love not only by Filipinos but by other SPAM® Brand lovers worldwide!

SPAM® Tocino is truly a delicious homage to the classic Pinoy breakfast food. There’s a special way to cook it to really bring out the flavors. All you need to do is add just enough water to the pan to cover the slices until it’s boiled off, forming a syrup. Then, continue to fry the meat by adding a bit of oil.

The result is slices of meat that look exactly like Tocino on the outside and—I’m not even kidding—tastes just like it too! SPAM® Tocino hits that right balance of sweet and meaty flavor.

I can already think of so many recipes where SPAM® Tocino works: SPAM® Tocino Musubi, crunchy fried SPAM® Tocino, SPAM® Tocino as a pizza topping… the list goes on!

SPAM® Tocino really is a must-have in your pantry, but don’t just take my word for it. Run to your supermarket or find it on Shopee and Lazada official stores and see for yourself: SPAM® Tocino is finally back. It’s real and it’s here.

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