Space Odyssey: The Palace Halloween Ball

Every year we get the chance to have a reason to play dress up and wear the craziest and most creative outfits we have always been longing to show off. And last October 31, The Palace Pool Club, in cooperation with Globe and Viber, hosted another Halloween-themed party for us Halloween lovers—Space Odyssey. The theme was all about space, extraterrestrials, astronauts, etc. But people were welcome to dress otherwise. The Palace definitely nailed the space theme; everything was well prepared.


I made a mistake of wearing the most basic costume—a devil headband that I bought from a toy store because, yes, even that I procrastinated on—while most were wearing super cool costumes. Cartoon characters, iconic singers/actors, food, space suits, and others that I would never have thought of wearing. Being a Monday and undas, my friends and I didn’t really expect the place to be full. But no, it was so packed that by around two thirty am, they started stopping people from entering. That just goes to show how much people love Halloween!




Everyone in the party really brought out their creativity and inner fanatics. The costumes I remember seeing were zombies, skeletons, a monk, an indian, werewolves, Ariana Grande, jedis, dinosaurs, superwoman, a super cute sushi roll, vampires, and even the deer from the snapchat filter!

Some of the many cool costumes I saw that night: the legit looking killer clown—his look was so scary that it made me a bit paranoid. Two guys dressed up as white chicks, and the Pokemon gang.




What’s a Halloween party without a little costume competition? People who made the extra mile on their costume and fit right into the theme deserve some recognition.

space-odyssey-the-palace-halloween-ball7Winner for Best Male Costume

space-odyssey-the-palace-halloween-ball5Winners for Best Female Costume

space-odyssey-the-palace-halloween-ball4Winners for Best Group Costume


That night was truly one to remember. The people and the music were all great; everyone enjoyed the beat and danced the night off. It was nice to have a night where everyone gets to become a kid again, where people won’t judge you for what you’re wearing, meeting new people, and everyone getting along and just enjoying. I really had so much fun that I’m already excited for next year’s halloween!

The Palace Pool Club

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Contact Number: 0917 689 8888
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