South Korea eases visa requirements for Filipino tourists, offers scholarships to students

K-drama and K-pop fans rejoice! South Korea is relaxing its visa requirements and is making it easier for Filipinos to apply. While celebrating the 70th year anniversary of the diplomatic ties between South Korea and the Philippines, South Korean ambassador Han Dong-man said that they are encouraging more Filipinos to visit South Korea by simplifying the process of visa applications.

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During the celebration which was held at the Quirino Grandstand last Sunday, Han shared that half a million Filipinos visited South Korea in 2018.

While visa applications have been happening through travel agencies as of late, greatly reducing lines at the South Korean embassy, they are also making it a lot easier to apply by reducing the volume of documents needed.

Qualified professionals, media, and government workers will be eligible for multiple entry visas which are valid from 5 to 10 years.

All they basically need to do is submit a document stating that they work for a specific company.


Good news also comes to students looking to seek educational opportunities in South Korea, the country is also offering double the number of scholarships they’re already giving to Filipinos who wish to study there.

Han said they are encouraging a “people-to-people” exchange, so it’s not only Filipino students who are encouraged to study in South Korea, but Korean students are also being invited to study in the Philippines.

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This exciting news could mean so much opportunity for traveling and studying and we’re definitely excited to see it in action.

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