SoundMagic PL11 earphones: for the small price, you won’t believe how powerful they sound

When In Manila and you often take commutes to work or to school. Or even just to go around the metro. We often would like to play some tunes while waiting to reach our destination right? But the thing is, we’re also scared to damage that nice expensive earphone or headphone we just bought in the pile of commuters rushing around stations and to the MRT. But don’t fret my friend! SoundMagic has arrived with these amazingly affordable yet, extremely powerful in-ear earphones!



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 Simple but nice packaging.



Packaging: The SoundMagic PL11 comes in a standard box with extra tips to suit your need. The packaging is fairly simple. Not a problem though, because for the awesome price on these, you can’t really complain. The great thing I love with the packaging is that, they include a nice leather pouch for the earphones and any additional things you might want to bring along such as a portable amplifier. Oh and there’s a cable clip too!



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 Truly is magical with it’s fantastic price.




Build/Design: The SoundMagic PL11 comes out with a plastic housing for the drivers with a metallic layer for the colored area. They can pretty much stand a beating. The cable restrains aren’t anything fantastic or tank built. But that’s not what these earphones are made for anyways. Although the 3.5mm jack restrain is pretty well built.




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 I really dig the pouch!




Sound Quality:


  • Transducer type : Dynamic (9mm neodymium magnet)
  • Operating principle :Sound Isolating
  • Frequency response : 20 – 22,000 Hz
  • Impedance : 12 Ω
  • Sensitivity : 100dB+/-3dB at 1mW 1K Hz
  • Maximum Input Power : 15 mW
  • Rated Power : 2 mW
  • Cable : 1.2m symmetrical (Y), 99.9% copper wire+fibre,TPE coat
  • Connection : Stereo mini jack plug 3.5 mm
  • Weight : 10g


Now this is the exclamation point of these SoundMagic PL11 in-ear earphones! I initially tested them out of the box and the first thing I noticed was the BASS. BOOM BOOM! Although upon intial testing, the bass was kind of muddy and lacking control. They were bleeding too much to the mids and the highs were having too much veil. So I let them burn-in for a few days playing continuously on my laptop. After letting them burn-in, I did the main testing. Throwing dub-step, hip-hop, RnB, Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Vocal tracks to it. And I noticed that the bass had more control now and does not bleed to the mids as much. The sub-bass also got slightly deeper! Oh man, I’m a sucker for sub-bass on dark earphones or headphones. The sub-bass is goes really deep and the mid bass gives powerful impact! All of this without sacrificing too much on the highs. Most earphones who have really strong bass often drowns out the vocals and highs, making them sound muffled. But these SoundMagic PL11s keep clarity. These earphones are dark sounding, they lean more on bass. I like how dark they are and still have mids. They give good weight to guitar riffs. I tested them in a quiet room with no noise except for a noisy fan. Upon wearing them, I can still hear the fan’s sound around 50-60% audible. When I started playing tracks, the fan’s sound drowned out already. So they have pretty much good isolation. After a few minutes listening, they start to feel like they’re not plugged to my ears, good weight and comfort. They can easily beat and be on the league of other earphones who are 3-5 times their price! Because the price for these are……. ONLY P800!!! Yeah, take that higher priced earphones! These will certainly hurt those higher priced egos.




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Thank you once again to XTCorporation and SoundMagic Philippines for our demo products!






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SoundMagic PL11 earphones: for the small price, you won’t believe how powerful they sound