Soul Chefs in Marikina – Where Soul Meets Food

Lilac Street is a booming hub of delicious food. Just like how Kapitolyo in Pasig City and Maginhawa Street in Quezon City are, Lilac Street is becoming the go-to place for foodies or simply for those who are hungry for good food.

Recently, we spotted a modest restaurant along Lilac Street. It caught our attention because of its name, “Soul Chefs.”

And yes, its name is what it truly represents – food with soul from the chefs who prepared them.

soul chefs (1)

A brainchild of Chef Sean So, Soul Chefs offers Filipino comfort food with their own personal twist.

What is great about the food at Soul Chefs is that they try to make everything in-house, even the sauces. Hence, the food served to you is as fresh as it can get.

soul chefs (5)

The chefs pour in hard work day in and day out to serve the tastiest dishes modestly.

The restaurant is also a launchpad for Chef So as they plan to move soon to a bigger and better location in Quezon City.

So, we dined one Saturday afternoon starting with their very own Soul Chefs Salad.

soul chefs (6)

The salad has crunchy lettuce and chicken poppers. It is topped with sweet asian spiced vinaigrette.

We also tried the chicken poppers separately. At Soul Chefs, they offer the poppers in five flavors – salted honey, teriyaki, bbq calamansi, smoked cheese, and asian buffalo. The poppers are served with white cream sauce on the side.

soul chefs (7)

In this case, the sauce was on the middle. LOL.

Soul Chefs also have a unique appetizer called the chimidilla. Apparently, it is the marriage of the Mexican chimichanga and quesadilla.

soul chefs (8)

It is topped with bacon and special sauce.

On to the main course…

We had Soul Chefs dinaksig, which was tasty yet sinful.

soul chefs (9)

This dish is a combination of pork cooked two ways – as sisig and as dinakdakan. Then, they were mixed and served together into this plateful of scrumptious pork dish.

Not to miss is Soul Chefs Crispy Pork Belly.

soul chefs (10)

It is double fried pork belly served on a bed of coleslaw. Then, it comes with tomato salsa with ponzu dip.

This dish is a labor of love because of the effort poured in “torturing” the skin of the pork to get the right quality of “chicharon” which is also topped on the pork belly.

soul chefs (11)

Lastly, the most sinful of all, but something worth coming sins for is the sizzling bulalo.

soul chefs (12)

Well, it is so good that you would just skipping knowing the ingredients to make the sinful gravy.

For dessert, we tried their ginger caramel banacopita. As I’ve mentioned, they try to make everything in-house such that even without an ice cream maker, they have their own ice cream.

soul chefs (13)

This one we tried is chocnut-flavored ice cream.

The dessert was deep-fried dumplings filled with ginger and caramelized banana topped with ice cream.

Special thanks to the head chefs, Sean So and Billie Ramos!

Check out Soul Chefs for more food with soul.

Soul Chefs

51 Lilac Street, Marikina City

Phone: 0977 855 4432