Sorok Short Film Festival (SSFF) 2016: A Salute for Modern Heroes

sorok uni foundation

Sorok Uni Foundation, Inc. is a humanitarian organization that started to work for persons affected with leprosy (PALs), but has extended its services to social and economic inclusion of other forgotten neighbors – the homeless urban and rural poor, and the displaced families due to calamities.

Last 2014, the first ever Sorok Short Film Festival (SSFF) was organized to raise social awareness and served as a mode for students, amateur and professional filmmakers, actors and scriptwriters to exhibit their gifts, with its theme “Kapwang Gawa – the act of reaching out to other people.” Consequently, the second SSFF with the theme “Tubig Ng Buhay” was made successful the following year. This project intends to continue empowering the foundation’s cause through multimedia.


(Left: Winner of 1 st SSFF: “Kapwanggawa”, Ms. Martika Escobar of University of the Philippines Film Institute, with her film “Limang Taon ni Lola.”

Right: Winner of 2nd SSFF: “Tubig ng Buhay”, Mediarama Creatives, with their film “Mga Tipasi Sa Alang Na Daga.”)

And for this year, the foundation will be launching the third SSFF Edition with theme “OFW: Lakbay-Puso”, aiming to exhibit and honor the bravery of our modern day heroes, the Overseas Filipino Workers, through film-making.


We are encouraging everyone to join the festival for a cause.

Film Fest Entry Forms and Guidelines are downloadable on our websites at and; and on their Facebook pages, and

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