Sony Xperia Acro S + Go Water Resistant Smartphones with Fast Capture Camera


When In Manila, rains seem to come and go at the blink of an eye! I mean despite what the weather agency says or despite it being hot like no other with the sun blazing down on you, the rains seem to find a way to show up out of nowhere! This is why I got extra excited when I heard about the new Sony Xperia Acro S + Go Water Resistant Smartphones with Fast Capture Camera!


The two features that really had me excited are the Water Resistant feature and the Fast Capture Feature.


I can’t tell you how many times a little sprinkle of water got my heart pounding thinking I just broke my phone! Not to mention, I’ve lost out on so many photo moments because of having to unlock my phone and slowly switch over to the camera app. These are priceless moments and memories that went down the drain.



Xperia™ acro S — Close Up 


The stylish water resistant HD smartphone Xperia acro S . What’s on in your world? Now you can experience and share everything in razor sharp HD no matter what the day throws at you. Thanks to the best water resistance available on any smartphone. Stuck for something to do? Check out masses of films and TV shows, enjoy your music in supreme sound quality, or browse and zoom into the smallest detail of your photos super-fast. With Sony’s stunning media applications and Android 4.0, dull moments just disappeared.




Xperia™ go – Made to Resist 


Sleek, stylish and with extra durability, Xperia™ go is the perfect entertainer. Enjoy millions of songs and all your favourite films. Shoot shots fast, or film your friends in sharp HD. Busy cooking? Walking in the rain? Relaxing on the beach? Use Xperia™ go, even when your fingers are wet. Then share everything instantly, or show it all on your TV at home. Stylish just got incredibly strong.




Sony Xperia Acro S Go Water Resistant Smartphones Fast Capture Camera



I’m excited to get a hold of these phones and test them out myself! That dust resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant, “wet finger tracking,” and fast capture camera really seem like qualities I need for a gadget I use every single day!


A phone that knows how to handle the stress of life, and knows how to get down and dirty is something that’s definitely ready for my life!




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When In Manila, check out the new life resistant smartphones from Sony! 


What do you think of these new smartphone features? 




Sony Xperia Acro S + Go Water Resistant Smartphones with Fast Capture Camera