SomedayDream: From Selecta Cornetto Ice Cream Commercial to Avril Lavigne’s Front Act

When in Manila, we know the boy who cried wolf (thanks to Aesop’s fables), we know the boy who lived (Harry Potter) and we know Boy Abunda. But do you guys know the boy who sang the Cornetto Commercial theme song entitled Hey Day Dreamer? I know it has been playing in your head – You and me.. Sitting on a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G..  He is no longer a boy actually; he is a young man who writes and composes his own music – the name is Rez Toledo known as SomedayDream.



Yes, he is a true blue Filipino. Every time I talk or mention about Rez Toledo and the Cornetto Commercial theme, I always get the same reaction from people – I thought it was sang by a foreign artist! Rez Toledo captures the hearts of many music lovers with his upbeat and light sound categorized as synthpop. Synthpop is a type of music which uses synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers to replace all other instruments. Now, I sound like a music expert with that note!


But Rez is the expert on his own right even before the name SomedayDream was born. He has been composing music and songs uploaded in MySpace where he got loyal followers  and visitors. We cannot disregard the charming look, shy smile and boyish appeal. Add a dash of humility and pinch of articulacy, Rez is what we can call, a perfect package.  If I were younger, I might have joined the thousands of girls anticipating his every appearances and features – be it in magazine, blogs, or concerts.

With Champ Lui Pio (former lead vocalist of band, Hale) as his manager and mentor, the young artist will sure go places. And places I mean, a place where Avril Lavigne will have a concert in Manila! Someday Dream is set as front act for Avril Lavigne’s The Black Star Tour Live in Manila 2012 tonight, February 16th at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Now, that’s one big dream happening tonight.


Photo by Dreamers Official


So When in Manila, listen to SomedayDream, watch Avril Lavigne‘s concert or just simply sing – You and me.. Sitting on a tree.. K-I-S-S-I-N-G..






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