Soloista’s Guide to Ariel’s Point, Boracay

When in Manila, or rather, in Boracay, there are lots and lots of activities you can do.  Boracay offers a beautiful distraction from the busy and sometimes stressful city life that most of us thrive on but sometimes need to get reprieve from.  This is the personal happy place for most people, and for yours truly.  For the many times I have visited this island, there are always things that I do for the first time, and each one of them are amazing in their own way. 




I am not a very adventurous person.  As a matter of fact, the most adventurous thing you would see me do is fight monsters and shoot arrows at gargoyles and trolls…while at the corner of my bed, reading the latest fantasy adventure novel.  I usually go to Boracay to eat, relax, eat, take photos (which I love because I can almost never take dreadful photos of this beautiful place)  people watch, and did I mention eat?




However, this time around I decided to let out the adventuress in me and check out one of the most fun and thrilling adventures in the island: Cliff diving.  The only cliff diving spot in the island is Ariel’s Point, a popular destination that has the thrill seekers and fun lovers always coming back for more.




Situated about thirty minutes by boat from the island proper, the craggy islet which is pretty much left unchanged save for the maze of stone stairwells up, down, and around the cliff.  The rustic look adds to the charm, which will make nature lovers appreciate the design of the resort.




The experience costs 1,500Php.  And this includes a boat ride to and from Ariel’s Point,  an open bar which was a very clever idea  to…errm… encourage visitors to jump from the highest peak.  As they say the more you drink, the higher you jump.  It also includes lunch buffet, unlimited snacks, kayaking, snorkelling,  all you can do for six hours.  So even if you are not that much of a thrill seeker, there are still something fun for you to do.




I went to the meeting area, Boracay Beach Club located at station 1, at around 11 AM where all the adventurers for the day converged.  One of the guides gave her perfunctory reminders which included no jumping off the boat while it’s moving (she warned that nobody is gonna go back and rescue you from your foolishness), no somersaulting while cliff diving, nor belly flopping, ask for assistance f you do not know how to swim but would love to jump anyway, and many others.   I felt excitement in the air as the nice mix of people sauntered to the big boat that will bring us to the point.




The group walking to the boat that will bring us to Ariel's Point

The group walking to the boat that will bring us to Ariel’s Point







The boat ride was fun, with upbeat songs blaring keeping the mood of the passengers fun.  I was able to talk to a family, a couple, and 2 tourists from Taiwan who, later told me they thought I was a tour guide (that explains the constant supply of questions about Boracay and food and whatnot).





Yup, what you see at the back of the boat is an open bar (already!)




Being alone gave me a right to be more inquisitive asking people about their vacation, and summon all my friend-making skills or else I’d end up miserable the entire trip (although I highly doubt that given the beauty of the place alone).  Funnily enough, there’s quite a surprising number of people who weren’t planning on jumping at all, but I later witnessed screaming as they free fall from the different planks from the cliff.





9111The group excitedly goes down from the boat to the resort





The nearer we get to Ariel’s point, the higher the excitement in the atmosphere became.  The nice rock island came into view, and I knew that alone or not, I am going to have fun.  The view alone was fantastic.  The resort was designed in such a way that it did not disturb much the natural beauty of the cliff.  It was as if the resort grew out from the rocks itself.   The entrance to the resort was through a cave.  And that, by far, is the most awesome way I have entered a resort.  Ever.





8111Awesome craggy cliffs are just  beckoning






What an awesome way to enter a resort!




First thing I did was to take pictures from different points of the resort and I am surprised by the great pictures I was able to take.  I am not a good photographer to say the least, and it was very lucky for me that the place was so beautiful that one simply cannot take a bad shot.   Laughter and shrieks of excitement punctuate the air as more and more people gather their courage and jump from different platforms.  Cheers and jeers were also heard as people try to not chicken out and actually jump.  Me?  I just took pictures and have my picture taken from the highest platform (13 meters).  That was thrilling enough for me for now.





12111        Great view from everywhere.



You can almost hear him shouting






The maze of white stairs lead to very interesting places, always with a nice view of the sea






Perfect jump from the 13 meters jumping plank




Later, the scrumptious food was served and everyone attacked with gusto.  It was great that they served no frills but definitely finely cooked local food.  The food they served is very foreigner- friendly.  No scary bits and unknown parts of animals were served.  Everything was mild yet delicious.  The tropical fruits they served were very sweet.  The best part is, there’s more than enough for everybody as it keeps on refilling until we eat to our hearts’ content.  






Thirst is not an option here





Good Filipino food and an array of inviting tropical fruits were served for lunch.




Me and my newfound friends decide to try out snorkeling after eating and the helpful guides were there to accompany us to another part of the island which had a small pocket of white sandy beach that, as I was told, will soon be a little zoo of sorts in a few months (something to look forward to when I get back).   We went there by kayak which was a first time for me.  I enjoyed it very much as my body was craving for some exercise. I missed several dragon boat training days during my stay so I was very lucky to get my workout from another watersport.  Too bad I did not bring a waterproof camera with me.  The 20 minute kayaking to the beach spot was great, and when we got to it, we were given fresh (as in plucked out of the tree fresh) buko (coconut) juice which was so sweet and refreshing even if not chilled.  We went on to snorkel and was met with different small fishes and curious- looking sea creatures which made me wish I could skin dive. 






A happy eclectic mix of foreign and local tourists




We went back to the resort and ate some merienda (snacks) of banana cue (banana fritters) and camote cue (sweet potato fries) and some chicharon .  People were busy mingling and I joined the festive environment.  I took some more pictures and attempted to jump from the lowest cliff.  Several tips and advises were thrown out to my direction which were meant to make me at ease.  Two lifeguards were there at the bottom to “save” me should I have a bad dive, too.  How considerate of them.  However, being a dork that I am, I actually got more scared and decided to chicken out to the dismay (or was that amusement) of my new friends.   Well, I just lived off vicariously from the adrenaline rush the other people experienced.




The group went back in high spirits, if the noise we were making were any indication.  The boat ride was livelier and the people were more chatty.  Emails and phone numbers were exchanged and more pictures were taken.  I may have not experienced the excitement of free-falling and splashing into the sea, but I gained a boatload of experience and many potential friends.   I’ll surely go back and maybe next time, I’ll be part of the 13 meters jump club.  




Ariel’s Point Boracay
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 Soloista’s Guide to Ariel’s Point, Boracay