Solenn Heussaff made the first “power move” on her now-husband Nico Bolzico

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico decided to tell the world about their love story via an actual web novel. In one of the latest chapters, Solenn talked about making the first move on her now-husband Nico.

She wrote, “The first time I met Nico was a typical night out with a friend. I had to tell my friends several times that I want to stay single for a while because this one particular friend was introducing me to the men in the club. But I was not in the mood to get to know someone or date around.”

She then narrated how this particular friend once pulled her hand to “touch [a] guy’s toned, chiseled abs,” that guy turned out to be Nico. She then added, “Okay, okay! I admit, I thought he was good-looking but not interested. And that was the first time I touched my then future husband’s abs.”

But then explained her first impression of Nico, “There was no silly music when I first met him–just the noise of the usual club music. I didn’t see fireworks–just the flicker of the lights. My heart did not even race. It was just a funny moment of a party girl who bumped into a hot foreigner with abs at a club. But I repeat: fate has its ways.”

Then two then bumped into each other five more times, and finally, on their sixth encounter, the two got to know each other more.

Solenn elaborated, “So here’s the funny part, I initially thought he was Brazilian, a Brazilian model. As far as I know, most models tend to travel around for work. They would spend three months in Thailand and then three months in Shanghai. With this mind, I asked him where is his next stop, if he’s going to Thailand. He was confused.”

The actress then found out that Nico wasn’t actually a model, he was an analyst.

She gushed, “Cha-ching!!! He’s got a different job! And that’s how I found out that he wasn’t a model. Not that I have anything against models, I just don’t want to be with someone in the same industry. Again, Nico was never my type. I was into bad boys with shaved heads and tattoos–everything that Nico is not.”

Yet still, Solenn finally made the first move to level-up her relationship with Nico. She continued, “I don’t know what was I thinking but the next thing I know I asked for his number like it’s no big deal because it should not be a big deal who will make the first move in any relationship. Take note, ladies and gents! And that simple power move was my ticket to a happy married life.”

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