SOL Republic Headphones: Manila’s Key to Hearing the Soundtrack of Life

SOL Republic Headphones: Manila’s Key to Hearing the Soundtrack of Life


When in Manila, sound is present wherever you are. From the hustle and bustle of cars and public transportations in the streets, to commuters complaining about how inconvenient the public transportation system is becoming and how it is starting to affect their daily commute to work, to the children playing, to the rave parties blasting the hottest EDM tracks you’ll definitely overhear around the busier parts of the metro from the late hours onwards during the weekends.

SOL Republic Headphones

SOL Republic premium headphones (Mastertracks Studio XC x Calvin Harris, middle, PHP 15,000)

However, for some people, too much noise eventually becomes a nuisance. Sometimes, people like the quiet and prefer to mind their own business.

My solution? Headphones

I know, I know, there a lot of brands to choose from, but here’s one that wasn’t around locally until a few months ago: SOL Republic!


SOL Republic Headphones

SOL (short for Soundtrack of Life) Republic, is one of the brands that’s fairly new in the business that makes audio accessories, such as speakers and headphones (on and in-ear types). It was recently launched here in Manila, Philippines and Pismo Digital Lifestyle Store is one of the first stores in the country to be an official reseller of SOL Republic products.

SOL Republic Headphones

SOL Republic x Motorola’s DECK wireless bluetooth speakers (PHP 13,000)

First things first, the SOL Republic Deck wireless bluetooth speaker caught my eye as soon as I entered the room! This wireless bluetooth speaker is their newest product, as a result of their collaboration with Motorola. It comes in three colors (Vivid Red, Electro Blue, Lemon Lime); very portable; up to 5 people can pair their devices and control the music; perfect for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its 360° full sound feature (aka it’s that LOUD enough to fill out a whole room, or a backyard for those kind of parties!). 

SOL Republic Headphones

Getting introduced to SOL Republic’s beginnings

SOL Republic Headphones

Demonstrating to the guests the nearly-indestructible headbands of SOL Republic

At the recent media launch at Pismo, we were acquainted with the brand for the first time. Notable highlights of this event were the introduction of SOL Republic (history, progress in the last few months, especially its impact on social media); announcement of new headphones line; the Deck wireless speaker launch; brief background introduction of the collaboration headphones series. There was a raffle draw in the end and two lucky guests won premium SOL Republic products.

Follow me as I show you around the store and let’s find what makes them stand out from the rest, that even Steve Aoki, the “Asian Jesus” himself has collaborated with them.. 😉 

SOL Republic Headphones

SOL Republic Tracks Remix Line

Along with seeing the various models of headphones per line for the first time IRL, trying them out, deciding which one was better and comparing them to what I currently use, I also got to take a look around the store. It reminded me of a playground, but for tech geeks!

SOL Republic Headphones

Guests from the media and bloggers checking out the in-ear earphones line

Check out WIM’s post of Pismo Digital Lifestyle store here.

The media launch event allotted its guests to look around the entire store and try out the SOL Republic headphones. We could approach anyone from the staff should we have any questions about the products; they’re more than happy to assist! My goal that day was to find an entry-level kind of ‘phones, decently priced for its sound quality features, and in-ear type. Headphones are their specialty, but I don’t see myself using them — they’re too big for me.

SOL Republic Headphones

SOL Republic’s in-ear earphones offering — three models to choose from!

Clockwise from left to right: SOL Republic Amps in Red (PHP 4,000), SOL Republic Jax in Lemon Lime (PHP 2,200), SOL Republic Amps HD in Blue (PHP 6,000), SOL Republic Amps in Black (PHP 4,000)

Although there’s only a few to choose from in this line, this is the ultimate solution to affordable in-ear headphones producing high-quality sound. This is also the type of in-ear headphones that are commuter-friendly  as they don’t attract attention from people easily.

The wires are tangle-free, too, so you can say goodbye to those moments where it takes you a while to put it on because you have to untangle it (most of the making the tangles complicated — what a mess!!). A convenient and useful feature that I found out upon testing these in-ear models is the mic+button remote to control music and calls. It’s hard to find a headset that is compatible with my phone, so I’m glad SOL Republic addresses this issue with their in-ear headphones/headset line. 

One problem with in-ear headphones is that we tend to lose those eartips overtime. Annoying, but it happens! Luckily, the Amps and Amps HD line have a lifetime warranty for the eartips. No need to worry about looking for compatible eartips to go with your Amps and Amps HD if it gets lost, goes missing, or breaks. Just bring your earphones along w/ proof of purchase to any Pisma Digital branches and they will happily assist you to a replacement. Sure, these two models are the pricier ones, but for that kind of promise, it can’t be beat! 

To answer my own concern earlier, I found out that the Jax in-ear headphones are perfect for me because it addresses the portability, headset compatibility, sound quality, and affordability (by a bit, but you’re paying for quality.. might as well!) concerns. 

Moving along to their on-ear headphones line..


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