Sofia Andres Says Her Love for Daniel Miranda Is Not Defined by A Ring on Her Finger

Sofia Andres has a few words to say to everyone who keeps pressuring her with questions about when she’s ever getting married to her partner Daniel Miranda.

In an Instagram post, Sofia shared a photo of Daniel with their daughter Zoe as she expressed her love and gratitude for the family that they have built together.

“I’m taking this space to express how grateful I am for my own family. Excuse me for being extra mushy, but seeing this photo that I have of ​​Daniel and Zoe makes my heart full — I’m happy with what God blessed me with. In fact, it’s a gift that I can’t take for granted. Our family is not perfect. Who said it’s gonna be easy right?” she began.

Sofia then gave a response to the question of marriage.

“So, Sofia when are you getting married? Many of you have asked me that. Honestly, I have always felt so the pressure to address that but I realized, I shouldn’t. It’s our love story to write to say the least. We are in a chapter where we learn to be patient with each other, respect each other’s freedom, and overcome challenges. It’s not an easy journey. There are tough times. There are good times. But it’s a beautiful time for us to grow with each other.”

She went on to say that having a ring on her finger shouldn’t be the sole proof of the love and devotion that she and Daniel have for each other.

“Don’t worry, I know that the time will come. I trust God’s plans for us. But I don’t want to disregard the fact that I wake up every morning feeling loved by both Daniel and Zoe. And honestly, that alone makes me feel so grateful. Love is different for everyone. It’s true. But for me, a ring on my finger shouldn’t define our love for each other. It is about how we choose to respect, understand, and forgive each other. More of it, it’s the effort that we put into our relationship and the love we have for our daughter.”

She then added: “There is so much to learn about love itself. It’s not all about the flowers, the surprises, or the kilig. It’s a choice to grow with each other despite the challenges. Sure, there are a lot of people who wanted us to part ways while others want us to stay together. But at the end of the day, what matters the most is that we both have that love for each other to listen to our hearts and stay together. And that makes me feel so lucky to have someone who’d be willing to work it out with me.”

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