Sneakerfest 2023 is Happening in Glorietta – Here’s What to Expect

The rise of the sneaker culture is a global phenomenon that encompasses various facets of sports, fashion, music, art, and pop culture. Sneakers have evolved from the humble commodity on the courts to the highly coveted cultural currency with pedigreed collaborations on the catwalks. There’s plenty of history when it comes to sneakers and that’s what makes the sneaker culture incredible.

Now you can immerse yourself in the world of sneakers as Glorietta brings together the local purveyors of sneakers in one dynamic event—a celebration of the sneaker culture, style, and innovation. The four-day affair will feature the latest kicks you can cop, as well as collectors’ items you can appreciate. It’s a venue where you can discover fellow enthusiasts and be part of the collective.

Sneakerfest 2023 in Glorietta

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Sneakerfest 2023 officially starts tomorrow May 4, 2023, and runs until May 7, 2023 at the Glorietta Activity Center. We were able to attend the launch today and are here to give you a glimpse of their lineup of exciting activities so you can plan the rest of your sneaker-filled week ahead.

What to Expect from Sneakerfest 2023 in Glorietta

Check out cool sneaker collections.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Secret Fresh Collection e1683121130986

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Love looking at gorgeous sneakers? Check out the sought-after pairs from toy and sneaker collector Big Boy Cheng’s personal collection through a special exhibit by Secret Fresh.

Play fun games.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Ring Toss scaled e1683121224876

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Sneakerfest 2023 in Glorietta is the perfet place to bond with your loved ones as well as they have a lot of fun games for you to play including a claw machine, a wall mural that you can help complete, and a ring toss game.

Get first dibs on the latest collections.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta DC scaled e1683121264577

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Get first dibs on the latest collections from your favorite sneaker brands and shops such as PUMA, Vans, Sole Academy, World Balance, and Philippine Sneaker Exchange.

Fall in love with art.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Art scaled e1683121316186

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Sneakerfest 2023 also has a stunning Artist’s Nook that showcases artworks by several local artists including JP Pining, Nemo Aguila, and Chase.

Enjoy free coffee.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Coffee scaled e1683121385340

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Are you a coffee lover? Get a free cup of coffee on May 4 if you purchase from Sneakerfest 2023!

Get your sneakers cleaned.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Sneaker Cleaning scaled e1683121447764

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Sneakerfest 2023 is also the perfect time to give your favorite kicks some much-needed TLC. Bring your sneakers on May 5 to get them cleaned for free!

Get your sneakers and tote bags customized.

Sneakerfest 2023 Glorietta Vans scaled e1683121508983

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

What about customizing your kicks? On May 6, you can turn your sneakers into a masterpiece and have them customized. You can also sign up to attend a tote bag customization workshop to personalize tote bags to your heart’s content.

Enjoy special offers and discounts.

To cap off Sneakerfest 2023 in Glorietta, look forward to special offers and big discounts on the final day, May 7! Don’t miss out!

With so much to see, do, and experience, the Sneakerfest 2023 in Glorietta promises to be the ultimate destination for all sneakerheads and everyone simply looking to have fun. This year’s event is not just a celebration of sneakers, but a celebration of the vibrant and dynamic culture that surrounds them. Stay tuned to Glorietta for more updates and announcements! Follow @iloveglorietta on Instagram.