Smitten Desserts: Fall in Love with These Sweet Treats – Fandom Desserts and More!

Smitten Desserts: Fall in Love with These Sweet Treats – Fandom Desserts and More!


Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the perfect place for sweet treats amongst the sea of fast food chains and restaurants in the metro nowadays. However, amidst the busy and bustling upper ground floor of SM City Sta. Mesa, there is a kiosk that gleams a bright blue, seemingly inviting to the sweet tooth. Just by the sight of it, I was already smitten!


Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats


Smitten Desserts was created by Bea Pojas, who realized years ago, despite taking up Comm in UP Manila, that her real passion lies in baking! In November 2013, she started this kiosk to further her craft and actualize her dream business.

At first glance alone, it’s impossible to ignore all of the colorful cupcakes all lined up with their variety of flavours at Smitten Desserts! There are so many sweet treats to choose from in the form of cupcakes: with classics like vanilla and chocolate, favorites like red velvet and peanut butter crunch, and even recipes that use well-loved Pinoy flavors like kalamansi and coconut! The best part is that they’re all very affordable (just 40 pesos each!)


Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats


I had the pleasure of having four cupcakes among the numerous choices and it proved to me that Smitten Desserts’ sweet treats don’t just look absolutely delicious; they really are! 

The first one I tried is one of Smitten’s bestsellers: Pastillas. This was a delightful twist to the beloved Filipino treat that we love: moist and buttery and, although topped with sugar, with just the right amount of sweetness. On the other hand, the Sundae flavored cupcake, felt just like eating ice cream! The strawberry frosting is perfectly paired with the fudgy chocolate, and the cherry on top is the perfect add-on.


Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats
Counter clockwise from bottom left: Pastillas, Sundae, Banoffee and Tableya flavors.


Another suggested flavor is the very smooth and soft Banoffee: classic banana cake with a surprising, sweet caramel filling. Meanwhile the last of the box of four, was another Filipino favorite! The Tableya cupcake has just the right richness, and the dark chocolate frosting has the perfect blend of a hot cup of tableya. This is definitely recommended for those who like good cupcakes, but aren’t fond of too much sweetness.

The cupcakes were an absolute pleasure! But if that’s not what you’re looking for, Smitten still has a lot of other things to offer, as well. They also sell homemade chocolate and cookies, for example! 


Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats


Smitten is really the perfect desserts place for all, so everyone should get the chance to try it, right? Luckily, if you can’t drive all the way to SM Sta. Mesa, Smitten takes orders and does meet-ups! In fact, this desserts house doesn’t just sell what’s in their kiosk; they also have brownies, cakes, truffles and more available (all of which you can find in their online menu and catalogue on Facebook)!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Smitten also makes themed treats of your favorite fandoms! And if there’s nothing on their menu you prefer, they can customize a cake, cupcake, or cookie just for you!


Smitten Desserts Sweet TreatsCustomized Spongebob cake made for an order (photo from Smitten Desserts Facebook Page)

Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats
Game of Thrones themed mini-cake (photo from Smitten Desserts Facebook page)

Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats
Iron Man cupcake toppings (photo from Smitten Desserts Facebook page)


It was such a fortunate thing that Bea started her business because she is now able to spread these delectable confections to dessert-lovers all around! Now, everyone can get the chance to experience the warm fuzzy, kilig feeling you can only get when you’re smitten!


Smitten Desserts Sweet Treats
Owner Bea Pojas at Smitten Desserts in SM Sta. Mesa



Smitten Desserts


UGF, SM City Sta. Mesa




Twitter/Instagram: @SmittenDesserts


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Smitten Desserts: Fall in Love with These Sweet Treats – Fandom Desserts and More!