Smart Mommy App: Why Every Parent Should Download This Helpful App

As we live in a web-centric world, it seems like everything is literally a tap away. A lot of Apps have emerged this year, and continue to flourish. Admittedly, I am not fond of apps. Despite the availability of thousands of Apps, I still prefer to stick to old school.

Who else can relate?

But, like most circumstances and situations, there are exceptions. The Smart Mommy App or MApp is so helpful for parents; it’s hard to not love! So, without further ado, here are my reasons why every parent should download MApp. I first heard it from a friend who isn’t even a mom yet! But, she loves the app so much as it’s extremely helpful!

Let’s start reading, shall we?



MApp helps you locate the nearest nursing rooms and kid-friendly establishments near you

People get terrified when they see moms breastfeeding in public. Aside from sanitary concerns, it’s generally uncomfortable both for the mom and the baby. With MApp, you can easily spot the nearest nursing rooms near you!


In addition, MApp gives you a heads up of the nearest kid-friendly restaurants!


Not only do this app help you find kid-friendly spots, it also provides places that serve healthier meals, places where high chairs are available, and more! Nice diba? 🙂


MApp keeps you updated with the latest lifestyle trends/news in parenting


Sometimes, my newsfeed on Facebook is full of negativities. Rather than filtering it manually, the MApp can straightforwardly grant good vibes articles and lifestyle news! Last month, my youngest had dengue. Prior to his hospitalization, I had to ask friends, relatives, even Google, for the symptoms and immediate remedy.

MApp has its own first-aid tool!


With MApp, you just need to sign in, tap the “first-aid” icon, and voila, you’re all set! Personally, I love the first aid section as it satisfies my curiosity. This is essential for all parents, especially first-time parents!


MApp is your go-to app whether you’re a first-time mom or already a veteran. Parenting is eternal. You will always need someone – or an App, to help you alleviate the stress and parenting woes. 🙂

MApp provides you with the Emergency Numbers near you


Ultimately, MApp gives you more time with your family, as you won’t have to prepare a list of places to go to or numbers to call in case of emergency.

By the way, the genius mom behind this fantastic app is an actress. Her name is Miss LJ Reyes.

Screenshot: @lj_reyes IG account

Screenshot: @lj_reyes IG account

LJ said in one of her interviews on GMA, she wanted an app where parents can find everything they need in one place. Hence, the MApp, or Smart Mommy App.

Parenting is demanding and yet fulfilling at the same time.  One must be resilient.  One must endure pain with great fortitude. That’s why when I see a fellow mom struggling with parenting their child, I don’t judge. Because to each his or her own own.

By the way, you must have a steady internet when registering. It took me several times to download it, as my Internet (what’s new) was sporadic. But other than that, this app is for us! Enjoy and cheers!

MApp is now available on Android and will soon be available on iOS. You may download them on both the App Store and on Google Play.



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