This Smart Helmet Can Take Videos, Play Music, and More

Safety is of the utmost importance on the road nowadays, especially for bikers who normally aren’t given enough attention in Manila (more – and better – bike lanes, please!). This includes more than just keeping your head safe as well. If you’re a biker, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings, have evidence when needed (just in case), and provide the necessary signals when on the road. This smart helmet from H-Audio helps you do all of that and more.

H Audio Smart Helmet

Photo from H Audio

This smart audio helmet is perfect for those who ride bikes and e-scooters. It’s the perfect size to bring around and only takes 3 hours to charge, after which you will already have enough juice to use the built-in safety light for 12 hours, listen to music for 36 hours, or record videos of up to 6 hours.

Incredibly easy to use, it has buttons for each feature conveniently located on the side of the helmet. Once you get used to using it, you’ll be able to use the functions without even having to look at them with ease.

H Audio Smart Helmet Buttons

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Made with an IPX5 waterproof and EPS anti-collision shell to keep you safe rain or shine, the helmet looks great with its minimalist design that goes with practically anything. The visor is also detachable and has magnets that make it incredibly easy to attach to the helmet.

H Audio Smart Helmet Back

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

It also comes with a remote so you can control the signal lights and hazards on the back of the helmet with ease. This will signal anyone on the road if you’ll be turning left or right – definitely something that every biker’s helmet should have in my opinion.

If you want to level up your biker life, the H-Audio smart audio helmet is a must-have! They’re sure to garner the attention of your fellow bikers, as well. Get yours now!


Website: https://www.h-audio.com/product-page/smart-multimedia-helmet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAudioTechnologies

Instagram: @h.audio

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