SKY-HI and Nissy Release Suprise Collab Single ‘SUPER IDOL’

Japanese music enthusiasts are in for a treat as renowned rapper SKY-HI and singer Nissy, two prominent members of the acclaimed Japanese group, AAA, have joined forces for a surprise digital single release, ‘SUPER IDOL,’ marking both artists’ individual 10th-anniversary milestones. For SKY-HI, this year marks his 10th anniversary since his major label debut, while Nissy’s 10th anniversary since his solo artist activity. The collaboration was announced as a surprise news to all fans during the second instalment of SKY-HI’s music and entertainment project, D.U.N.K. (Dance Universe Never Killed) Showcase on December 2 and 3 2023, bringing together the unique talents of SKY-HI and Nissy in a groundbreaking effort that challenges conventional norms. 

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Available now on all major digital streaming platforms, 2 household Japanese artists continue to lead Japan’s dance and vocal scene in their own ways, destroying old values and creating new ones. Delivering a blend of SKY-HI’s hip-hop beats and Nissy’s dynamic vocals, ‘SUPER IDOL’ was co-produced by SKY-HI, Nissy, MONJOE, LOAR, and SUNNY (three names from the creative team, INIMI). The genre-defying single opens with a heavy hip-hop SKY-HI beat, and develops dramatic and experimental flows, with lyrics exploring the life of idols with cynical and aggressive expressions, demolishing old values to usher in a new era of ‘idol’ music. SKY-HI and Nissy demonstrate their overwhelming rapping and vocal skills by miraculously fusing their unbridled emotions shrouded in controversy.  

3 SUPER IDOL at DUNK by Seitaro Tanaka

SUPER IDOL’ was performed for the very first time on December 2 2023, at a D.U.N.K. Showcase, a two-day dance and music festival held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. SKY-HI’s and Nissy’s collaborative performance on stage was one of several surprising collaborations performed. The undeniably true stage presence and chemistry captivated not only AAA fans amongst the audience but also garnered excitement from supporters of other artists present at the event. 

Watch the music video of ‘SUPER IDOL’ below: