Skin Potions: 9 Magical Products For Your Skin Care (And Makeup) Routine!

Skin care is an underrated routine for me. I’m not even surprised when I forget to wash my face at night.

I realized that the problem was that the products I used weren’t exactly exciting enough for me. Then I discovered these local “magical” skin products that were just the right amount of excitement I needed to get me to take care of my skin a lot better.

Skin Potions is a local brand that specializes in innovative skin care products and cosmetics! It’s not just the effectivity of their products that gets me excited for the day’s skin care routine, but even the packaging itself can make you look forward to the next time you can pamper yourself.

Take a look at nine of Skin Potions’ amazing products:

9. Lightning Bunny Facial Wash

Lightning Bunny Facial Wash (PHP 400/100mL)

Didn’t I tell you that they have adorable packaging? The Lightning Bunny Facial Wash is a facial foam that’s effective in deep cleansing. It softens and lightens the skin, plus dries out pimples!

It even comes with a super cute brush with soft bristles that will make washing your face a lot more fun!

8. White Beauty Topical Injection

Beauty Topical Injections (250 pesos – 10ml) ⛔️Reminder: You don't need needle for this, the packaging is designed as a syringe only. This is a regular serum that you can apply unto your skin using your finger tips or cotton buds. ⛔️ Made with all natural ingredients! Meant to solve all our skin woes! Potent whitening, anti aging and anti pimple. ????YOUTH Concentrated anti aging serum. Prevents further aging by triggering the collagen production of the skin. Sits in the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) for more than 12 hours, concentrating on the fine lines. With your favorite Snow Algae extract, Vitamin E, Banana extract, Carrot extract, and Co enzyme Q10, it will definitely make your skin lift in no time. ????SMOOTH Your spot treatment has never been this good yet! A game changer, indeed. Made with classic teatree leaves (Purely extracted) and soothing oils such as Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil etc. Put a pea size on your pimple overnight and get thrilled by how it can dry your acne in just hours! Proven effective ????WHITE Definitely a must have! Your Potent whitening in an injection! Possible? Why not! With active micro whitening pearl essence that can vanish blemishes in no time. Made with natural extracts as Papain, bearberry and micronized pearl powder. Directions: Use twice to thrice a week only. Apply directly on the concerned areas, massage and leave it overnight. For better results try using Skinpotions soaps and creams. Ps: The packaging doesn't come with a needle. It's for topical application (outer layer of the skin).

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No, it’s not a real injection! It’s a serum made with all-natural ingredients that can make all your blemishes vanish in no time!

Aside from being a go-to product in making those dark spots disappear, it’s also an anti-aging, anti-pimple, and whitening serum. Yes, all that in one powerful syringe!

7. Snowberry Sleeping Cream Mask

This all-in-one cream fights oily skin, acne, lightens dark spots, protects your skin from the sun, and even doubles as a makeup primer! You basically have everything you need in this cream.

Just put on a thick layer before you sleep and you’ll be sure to wake up with a fresh face–ready for that #wokeuplikethis selfie!

6. Tomato Juice Serum

Tomato Juice Serum (PHP 280/30mL)

This serum is made from all-natural tomato extract combined with aloe vera! It’s a refreshing must-have addition to your skin care routine as it brings out your natural glow. It also shrinks your pores, tightens skin, and lessens oiliness. This Tomato Juice Serum will get you ready for your close-up photo!

5. Unicorn Lip Shaker

Unicorn Lip Shaker (PHP 299)

This lipstick “glides as cream, dries as matte, and stays as tint!” If you think that alone makes it the perfect addition to your makeup collection, you should know that it can also be used as a cheek tint!

It can last for hours and you don’t have to worry about using a little bit too much product (if it ever is possible) because it comes in a cocktail shaker-like vial that will make you get just the right tint for you.

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Now, even doing your makeup can be a lot of fun!

4. Brow Cush

Brow Cush (PHP 299)

Now, your kilay goals can also be sweat and water proof! This two-toned brow tint comes in a liquid-to-powder formula that makes it last for the whole day. Plus, the available shades of Brow Cush make your brows look lush and natural.

3. Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter

Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter (PHP 299)

Because having regular highlighter is just not enough. Up your highlighting game with this rainbow highlighter and eyeshadow! Honestly, your day can instantly brighten up just by looking at it. Imagine how much good vibes you’d spread if you have this beauty on your face.

2. Glow Bomb Palette

Glow Bomb Palette (PHP 560)

If you’re not much of a rainbow fan, then you’ll probably enjoy Skin Potions’ Glow Bomb–a pallette of highlighters, eyeshadows, and bronzers! It’s definitely a must-have for your makeup collection.

The Glow Bomb is really pigmented and super smooth on the skin. It features six shades that complement every Filipina’s skin.

1. Meow Eye Liner

Meow Eye Liner (PHP 350)

If you’ve ever been frustrated by not having the talent of doing the perfect winged eyeliner, Skin Potions’ Meow Eye Liner will save you all the screaming fits and tears.

It’s a liquid eyeliner that comes with a stamp for that perfect wing! Not only will you have perfectly symmetrical and on-fleek liner on each eye (which will honestly, be a miracle if not for this product), you’ll save lots of time, too!

Skin Potions has a lot more skin care and cosmetic products that will make your beauty regimen feel like playtime. Theirs are just proof that you don’t need actual magic to get the healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

Be sure to check out their social media accounts and catch them in bazaars to get your own fix of local beauty products. Let’s all love local!

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