This is How I Achieved My Unicorn Hair

I’ve had my fair share of hair transformations. From hair to my waist to a short bob, I was familiar with drastic changes. A few years ago, I started bleaching my hair to blonde. It was a spur of the moment idea, but I thought, why the hell not?

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To be honest though, I was always concerned about damaging my hair. So before I got into this new, gorgeous mess, I did my research on which salon to go to and which products are perfect for treatments. When people ask me how I got my unicorn hair, I always say it was almost a two-year process. And it really is.

I gradually bleached my hair from black to orange to blonde then to platinum blonde. There were at least two months in between each session, just to make sure that my hair wouldn’t die or look dry and brittle.

When I was transformed to platinum blonde, I (finally) got a chance to do the crazy hair colors. I did aqua, gray, and eventually unicorn.

Unicorn Hair: How I Finally Got It

There is only one guy who I trust to do crazy colors with my hair.

Buddy Congson, who I met a few years ago for a Brazilian blowout, is an expert colorist. Whether you want a surfer girl look or crazy colors, Buddy is the right guy for you.

He uses quality products to ensure the health of your hair. He always uses Olaplex to help hair heal before and during any hair treatment. I think that is the reason why my hair stayed soft and shiny even after tremendous chemicals its been put on.

Unicorn Hair: How I Finally Got It TADAAAA!

The final product of our hair transformation is this cool ‘Summer Sunset Sky’ which many has fondly called the Unicorn Hair.

You can watch the full transformation video below to see how we got it and what products were used.

Some hair products that I use are sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, argan oil, hair vitamin and weekly hair mask that I get from SM Beauty and Watsons 🙂

Do you want to try a bold hair color too? What kind? Tell us in the comments!